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  1. tmescan

    250+ IP setup help

    Just wanted to get some advice on equipment/vms for a large scale 250+ IP camera system with redundancy and up to 10 workstations. Our company does large commercial properties, schools, hospitals etc. but has a bid opportunity in the casino industry that we'd love to explore. We've recently contacted companies like Genetec/Indigovision for solutions. Just thought I'd see if anyone here has additional advice. Thank you
  2. Well ive found that there are literally no vendors for this only end sellers...every company Ive talked to (Seon, Fortress Mobile, etc) basically want to sell/install themselves and really dont want anything to do with an integration company...pretty ridiculous that we'd have to take our chances with alibaba to be able to offer our customers something like this hmm
  3. Been searching for awhile now for a vehicle recorder that supports 2-4 HD cameras (at least 720p), gps tracking, and 4g live viewing capabilities. Have a few companies interested in adding cameras to their fleet of trucks and surprised at how hard it is to find a decent product like this without knowing how to read Chinese. Surely someone has found a solution like this...i dont think not having the cell remote viewing would be a deal breaker just mainly having the gps with some kind of cms software to live track the vehicles/view offloaded video via wifi. Any help would be great
  4. I have several smaller scale IP cam installs completed but never had a project that would require 2 switches/long distances. They need approx 13 cameras in one section of the complex then another 16 on the opposite side of the building (approx 450 ft). Ive never had to do a multi switch configuration and am under the assumption that I run a cat cable from one switch to the next and thats it to link up all cameras? The cameras will all be 3mp poe. My only concerns are the streaming/quality of using multiple switches and then integrating those into their existing network. Thanks for any input
  5. tmescan

    Image flicker

    Anyone having issues with the image flickering with these hdsdi cameras? We do a ton of industrial/warehouse/commercial buildings and have plenty of power going to the cameras and repeaters where necessary but always seem to run into 1 or 2 cameras that flicker black/live. Could these cameras be more susceptible to interference than analog? Any suggestions? thanks
  6. tmescan

    IP solution

    I wouldnt say Im a complete noob when it comes to IP configurations I've just never configured a system from the ground up without a lan/internet access already in place...I dont see why my idea wouldnt work is my question i guess. From my understandings the equipment i was thinking about would be well within bandwidth limitations. I was going to have a NVR in one building with an outdoor access point (for ptmp config) connected to a gigabit router...the 3 remote sites would each have a 4 port switch with 4 1080p ip cameras...is their something else i am overlooking? Thanks
  7. I've set up a few NVR + wireless ip cameras (ubiquiti for wireless) but they have always been a part of the customers network. Can someone explain the architecture of building a ip system without a current network in place...just a stand alone setup. Im assuming I just need a router/switch and configure everything like usual I've just never done a setup like this before. Also the job is going to call for 12 2mp cameras (3 locations with 4 cameras each), are bandwidth concerns no longer an issue since we are using only the local network we've created (can I go crazy with the amount of megapixel cameras used as long as gigabit hardware is used)? Thanks alot
  8. I tracked down a 485 converter at sennetech.net hopefully this will be a quick solution to use with the current setup Are you planning to convert to Pelco protocol at the matrix, and set up the PTZ to accept that input format, or the other way around? They have an old panasonic matrix that only accepts panasonic protocol...since the encoder/decoder setup supports pelco D/P Im going to set the PTZ to pelco and have the panasonic 485 converter at the matrix...definitely a learning curve when using panny products hopefully I can get them to upgrade in the future
  9. I tracked down a 485 converter at sennetech.net hopefully this will be a quick solution to use with the current setup
  10. Just wanted to update as weve come to find that the acti encoder/decoder setup does not support panasonic ptz protocol. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Nice, im guessing you configure the encoder/decoder with a computer beforehand? Ive never set the nanos up without internet present (dhcp configuration/static ips etc)...do you match the encoder to the access point ip address then match the decoder to the station ip address? or do you just set the encoder to Access point to xxx.2 Station xxx.3 Decoder xxx.4? appreciate the help thanks alot
  12. Yes I definitely like the idea of being able to use Nano M5s (actually just installed a ptmp configuration with them today) for the wireless transmitting. I looked up the encoder/decoders and they look pretty simple. Did you experience much latency or any other issues with this setup? The panasonic equipment (ptz/joystick) is several years old Im worried about integration is the only reason I decided to use the same brand ptz as they had...how many 485 controls can a matrix usually support do u think? Thanks for the advice Ill go hunting for some good encoder/decoder prices.
  13. Industrial setting with existing panasonic/cameras/joystick/matrix and 3rd party dvr. Wanting to add a ptz at a new metal warehouse building (3/4mi away clear line of sight) and be able to integrate it with the existing system/joystick. Im guessing ill just have to get an additional trans/rec for the data? Thanks
  14. can over the coax ptz control be achieved with analog wireless transmitters? Thanks for any help!
  15. tmescan

    20+ camera hybrid system

    Have a client that needs about 10 2mp cameras and can use analog for the rest (10 analog). They also want to utilize a 10/100mb poe switch that they already purchased. Will that switch even support this setup comfortably? Anyone recommend a decently priced hybrid unit/POE cameras? Was thinking about trying Avers 32 channel hybrid....thanks for any help