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  1. I used DM/DS2P/500/16 and now the power supply model UP07223010 has no function (broken). Can any body give information, where can I buy that power supply only ? thanks
  2. ad_setiono

    CCTV Camera Performance Check

    How to know condition / performance a cctv camera ? I need to do a routine maintenance report. thanks
  3. ad_setiono

    DM DS2 install new HDD

    How to install DS2 firmware to new HDD ? thanks
  4. Which the best, Honeywell DVR or DM Multiplexer ?
  5. ad_setiono

    BBV Telemetry, Help...Help...

    My BBV was working before and video output, zoom & lens control is normal. Just Pan & Tilt can't working. Thanks
  6. I use 16 ch DM Multiplexer DS2+ and integrated with BBV telemetry RX-300 to control my PTZ unit. I think I have problem with my BBV because I can't control the PTZ unit (Not All). Can help me to find the problem in my BBV maybe anyone have tips and trick to repair it. Thanks
  7. ad_setiono

    DM DS2/DX/16C/25PPS

    May I Know version of software for my unit ?
  8. ad_setiono

    DM DS2/DX/16C/25PPS

    Have you information about DS2/DX/16C/25pps software or firmware? I need that software but not for upgrade, just for install to my new HD. I will replace my old HD from 2 x 250 GB to 2 x 500 GB. Can Help me...? Thanks ....