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  1. Hello all, Ive got a customer who is requesting a small tvi covert camera with no LEDs yet still works at night with a low light LUX Rating. Ive found similar items online but only up to 700tvl. The customer is requesting a higher quality image. Im starting to think that the camera I'm trying to find doesn't exist! Hoping to find a solution to this problem. If any one has any idea of a camera that would be suitable. Any advice would be much appreciated. *Ive attached an Image of the 700tvl Version if this helps.
  2. Hi Ricky, What NVR are you using? Does the NVR have a HDMI and a VGA output?
  3. BradJackson

    How to work out 28 Days Recording on CCTV?

    Hello cctvsmartsystems, I use this Harddrive/bandwith calculator to work out the amount of storage i need for customers. it allows you to change number of cameras type of resolution and gives you an idea the amount of storage you will need. https://www.aventuracctv.com/calculator/hard_drive_calculator.asp Hope this helps.
  4. BradJackson

    How to delete footage?

    I dont think you can delete specific files off your NVR. The only way to delete files would be to format the hard drive but this will delete all the files on the hard drive.
  5. BradJackson

    Hi CCTV Forum!

    Hi, Just an introduction my names Brad Jackson and I am a ex Installer working in a cctv wholesalers. I currently work in the sales & technical support team. Hope i can help with any problems and hopefully learn a few new things myself! Thanks Brad Techvision Security Group www.tvsg.co.uk
  6. What DVR/NVR are you using for the cameras?
  7. BradJackson

    Regarding Firmware Update

    Hello Navs0124, You can upgrade to a hybrid DVR Which will support AHD/CVI/TVI2.0/Anolog These are available from most CCTV Suppliers.
  8. BradJackson

    power light on dvr stuck

    I forgot to mention it happened 4 hours after i setup a remote connection/view to my android phone because when i went to check the remote view it wouldn't connect and i then checked up on the dvr and saw that all the lights had gone off except the power lightCant see how setting up remote connection could cause a problem with the DVR power.Its more than likely just a coincidence that it has gone off after setting up the remote viewing. Change the power supply and see if that fixes your problem i had a customer a few weeks back with a similar problem to yourself and it was a faulty power supply. If After changing the power supply the problem still continues it may be a faulty DVR.
  9. BradJackson

    power light on dvr stuck

    i'm using a h264 drake 16i dvr and yes i have done that and normally it used to make a beep when you power it up but it doesn't anymore as well as that i removed the hard drive and turned it on again but it still is silent with no beeps/alarms, what could be the problem ? Could be a problem with the power supply have you got another power supply that you could try. If the power supply has gone faulty it might not be giving the DVR enough power to fully boot the system but just enough to light the blue led.
  10. Do you Know which Hikvison NVR/DVR you are using?
  11. BradJackson

    power light on dvr stuck

    Hello RippleHD What DVR are you using and what video output are you using? I know its a simple one but have you tried switching the power off and back on again?
  12. We currently stock a blupoint DVR that works with any camera up to 2mp also has p2p settings so you just scan a QR code and you can remote view via an app. Alternatively Hikvison, Dauha all good brands to have a look at. If you contact a CCTV supplier they will give you some information and guide you to a system that is right for you.
  13. BradJackson

    General AHD DVR can't connect to tv

    I see you have quoted my post but no reply to the question?
  14. BradJackson

    hikvision help

    When you say nothing on live view do you mean via the app?
  15. BradJackson

    H.264 DVR

    What DVR are you using?
  16. BradJackson

    Hikvision NVR 7616 Motion Detection

    Have you tried updating the firmware on your NVR?
  17. BradJackson

    Cameras for Swann DVR 2600

    That Swann DVR is a Analog system you can still get cameras to work on that system. Any analog cameras should work look for tvl.
  18. You can purchase hybrid DVRs which will allow AHD/ CVI/ HD-TVI/ Analog/ You could then use your existing cameras and cables and you can just upgraded the cameras at any time. Also in the future if you do upgrade to HD cameras i would advise you to Increase the amount of storage on the DVR as HD cameras will take up more memory than a analog system. I use this Harddrive/Bandwith Calculator it allows you to put in the number of cameras what resolution the cameras are recording at and how long they will be recording for. This will give you a accurate idea of what size of hard drive you will need for the amount of chosen days. https://www.aventuracctv.com/calculator/hard_drive_calculator.asp Hope this Helps
  19. BradJackson

    Cameras for Swann DVR 2600

    What model swann dvr do you have is it tvi , ahd , analogue?
  20. BradJackson

    NVR to Access Point Wirelessly?

    Have you thought about the idea of using homeplugs with a ethernet connection on the home plug.
  21. BradJackson

    General AHD DVR can't connect to tv

    Have you recently changed tv? You may need to adjust the resolution on the DVR so it will work on your tv.
  22. BradJackson

    Firmware upgrade help

    Hi Stevej1974, Is it a hikvison DVR? If you go to the HikVison Website you can find the firmware off there downloads page. http://www.hikvision.com/en/download_89_p4.html#prettyPhoto There is also a very useful video on youtube from Hikvision with a step by step guide on installing the firmware Hope this Helps.
  23. Hi Bxclip, You can use any TVI/AHD/960H Cameras up to 3mp on that dvr.
  24. BradJackson

    Having trouble with xmeye on android

    Hi Kilbixy, Have you opened the ports on the customers Router to allow access to the app? If the relevant ports are not open the router will not allow you to access the cctv system away from the router that the DVR is connected to.
  25. BradJackson

    Interference issues?

    Have you tried putting the camera on its own power supply that can sometime help problems with interference