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    Remote Console stopped working

    Thanks tomcctv. I am running 5 Vivotek cameras along with a 3 analog cameras but now that I have it fixed I will stick with Aver. It's sad Aver is not servicing the software any longer. I wonder what program will one day replace the Aver system. I like it and when it works, it works well.
  2. SouthernGemini

    Remote Console stopped working

    I have the same problem. [FIXED!! See below!] I'm running NV6000 on my on-site camera server/recorder which is Win 7 Home prem 64 bit. For my off-site recorder Aver CM3000 running Win 7 Home prem 32 bit. Months ago I decided to upgrade to Win 10 on my off-site recorder but my CM3000 would not work after the upgrade. After much playing around and some help from my local dealer (who has now closed) it simply fell by the wayside. Now I have reinstalled Win 7 on my off-site recorder. During this time my local phone company upgraded my ISP with a new model and my home went from DSL to what here is called ATT U-Verse. Sooo, my IT guy who doesn't know this software but knows networking is having the same problem as the OP. By contacting ATT and having them open port 81 allows my cell phone to view all cameras via the app. ATT also opened ports 5550 and 5555. My IT guy can add the DVR to the CM3000 (adding IP address with username/password) but when he goes to camera 'connecting' it then shows invalid user ID/password!! Software firewall is off and my anti-virus is ESET NOD32 with no firewall. It is simply anti-virus. We temporarily turned off the anti-virus and no change occurred. Both of us are thinking there must be an easy fix; possibly a step we missed or a toggle/setting that should be applied. The first to come up with the solution receives $25 via paypal. FIXED!! So I contacted my IT guy and read him the response provided by Rossko above. He says, 'You know, you have AVG on this recorder. Let's disable it' BAM! Connection occurs and all cameras showing. Three hours of hassle for free AVG anti-virus to cost so much in the end. Silly. I mean to allow just enough to get response but will not allow incoming video makes no sense. Of course if AVG would have stated it was stopping the program or give a notice that it will not allow a connection than this would have been an easy fix but of course not. So Rossko by default wins this. I will contact him and for anyone else having the same issue, be sure to check if your recording unit with CM3000 does not have AVG on it. You may save plenty of time.
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    Hello from southern Louisiana

    Greetings, I have owned my own surveillance system for about 4 years now running a NVR at home supporting 5 IP cams and 3 analog cams. Installed by me, all IP cams are Vivotek and have had good look with the dome 8134s (3) but not so good with the 7361s (2). That said, I am not here for camera info but more to learn about off site recording. On site running my NVR I am using the Aver NV6000 series with 2 TB and no problems but my offsite is located at my work office and when I updated to Windows 10 my recording software became dysfunctional. I was able to view via my phone though. My offsite recorder is Aver Central Management. I suppose I could purchase Windows 7 and revamp my system but Win 7 is not the latest and I'm thinking in a short number of years it will not have support. It is silly to me that Aver CM can't run well on 7 but both the tech support guy and our company IT guy ran into the same problem. The program did not fully integrate; some cameras were missing, feeds were not connecting and would drop, etc. I will search carefully and see if anyone has already opened a topic about this exact issue. One of the goals I have of joining this forum is to obtain a better grasp of how off site works and I will share any knowledge/experience I learned from my system (camera dependability, supplemental IR, etc) to others. SouthernGemini