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  1. oh my God where's ny quote gone? thanks for comment sir, I'll try later
  2. Sorry, i write some text ut not shown. I dont know why.. I'll try all of ur advice in this forum, thanks for comment
  3. My dvr ahd (general dvr with xmeye software) since two month ago can't connect to lcd tv by Hdmi or Vga cable, it only connect to Lcd Monitor by Vga cable. anyone can help me please. thanks
  4. I have an IP Camera Panasonic WV-SW316L, the RJ45 Female Connector has burn by power heating. I want to re connect the cable to a new RJ45 Female connector but the colours is different from general UTP colours ( Attach Picture ). Please help, maybe one of member here known it, thanks
  5. royenk

    Hello, I'm Royenk

    hello everyone I'm Royenk fom Indonesia