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  1. OldBilly

    Howdy all

    Great to see this board moving again!! Gloopy welcome!! I think everybody here has got to be on crazy different time zones. I'm G.M.T. minus-6
  2. OldBilly

    Hello to all

    Welcome Charlie! Billy in Tennessee here. I'm here to learn modern technology and software.
  3. OldBilly

    His vision dvr

    I wish I could help, that's the reason I joined this forum and still have not solved that one. I had another DVR around and just put a new HD in it.
  4. OldBilly

    New Member

    Welcome Louis, Great to have you on the forum. Bill
  5. OldBilly


    Hello Larry! Welcome I hope this board can help you out. There is not a lot of action here maybe you can help. I don't have a ton of CCTV skills but enough to get by. Most of my career was either in TV trucks or fly pack systems out on location. So while it was a cool job most of the CCTV stuff I did way before 25 years of multi camera video production. I know enough to put a fairly effective 7 camera system in my home and a 3 TB recorder. The most problems I had was with the HD recorders and integration with WiFi cameras and PTZ. Bill
  6. OldBilly

    Old Billy not so bright

    Hello, I was once a video engineer and a bi-lateral T.B.I. accident took everything and mixed it all together in no certain order. If I can hang around here and maybe get some of the pieces back in the proper order in my head that would be great. Am I doing this correctly? Thank you, OB