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  1. That's great thanks again
  2. Thank you Mattaggie that's really great info. So when websites talk about software costs per IP camera what is that in relation to? Is that if you don't buy an NVR? Again all the talk about portforwarding, IP addresses and logging into your router to do whatever, is this if you don't have an NVR? I was thinking that if I got a DVR that was Hybrid and capable of both analogue and IP, then one day if I wanted to I could just change the cameras, but from what you're saying I would need to go from Coax to POE which is hassle :/ Thanks again
  3. Hi thanks for the reply! I'm starting with 3, then probably moving up to a max of 5 I'm very sorry but I am a bit clueless with this sort of technology. I think the thing that puts me off an IP system is that all theses tech websites that compare Analogue with IP seem to say that IP is more expensive and requires lots of technical maintenence and even monthly costs per camera for the software? I don't know if this is true? I don't really understand port forwarding and IP issues and all these tech websites make it sound as if you need to work in IT to setup and then maintain the system? Then there's info about hackers getting into IP systems if you don't know what you're doing with firewalls etc. Again is this true? I also don't really think I understand the benefits of IP even after reading up on various sites. I understand that the cameras are better (I'm guessing like for like), so that a 1080p IP camera is better than a 1080p Analogue Camera (although I don't fully understand why/how). I also hear that POE is better (power over ethernet sounds better but not sure what it means when comparing to Analogue as don't modern Analogue systems run directly into the DVR anyway?) I suppose for me I want to record to a HDD and extract to USB for the police, I also want to be able to view things on my TV (via HDMI) and my PC (via VGA or HDMI) as the DVR will be next to the TV and PC, but I also would like remote access now and then via an app. If you can get a DVR that can connect to a PC and can be connected to the internet for remote access via a smart phone without all the worries of portforwarding, changing ports, IP issues, monthly software fees, possibly monthly technical fees, then what are the benefits of IP to a homeowner who wants a few cameras on their house? There must be benefits to IP as they're more expensive and a newer technology, but maybe I'm just not bright enough to comprehend it!
  4. Hello all I need a CCTV system for my home. After researching the past few months, I was originally looking at IP systems, but the more I've read online, it appears that an IP system is a bit OTT for a home system? There do seem to be some advantages, but the cons seem to outweigh the pros for a small home system (unless someone can convince me otherwise)? So for the moment I'm looking at a HD Analogue system and after concidering some ready made Swann systems, I've narrowed things down to a customised Hikvision (again unless someone can convince me otherwise). So looking at the Hikvision I have 3 possible DVR's: DS-7208HUHI-F2/N http://www.hikvision.ca/en/Products_accessries_10661_i37707.html DS-7308HGHI-SH http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_364_i5903.html DS-7308HQHI-SH http://www.hikvision.ca/en/Products_accessries_10662_i21362.html Question 1: What are the main differences (apart from price) between these 3 DVR's and if anyone can explain the minor differences to, that would be fantastic. Question 2: Any other DVR suggestions? Either Hikvision or other brand Question 3: Is there anything I should consider before buying a DVR/Camera? Question 4: Any camera suggestions? I was thinking of having at least 1 Varifocal Bullett for the area that requires long range (25m+), but for smaller spaces (5m x 5m) are domes better? Or can I just go for a fixed Bullett rather than a varifocal? Link to Varifocal Bullett: DS-2CE16H1T-IT3Z 2.8-12mm http://www.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_769_i6037.html List of requirements: Need high quality for a possible conviction Need a zoom for part of the property but other parts don't Need min 4 channels but ideally more as 5 or 6 cameras would probably be ideal for the future Able to get good quality at night Some sort of alarm so I know when someone has gone into the camera's view Remote viewing (through the software?) so that I can get an alert through an app and possibly live stream? Possibly easy analysis through the software? So that although the CCTV records 24/7 it would be nice if the software could flag up everytime the CCTV picked up motion and each log could be easily analysed. Thanks