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  1. I looked at Extreme, but couldn't get clear info from VSSI. Not helpfull at all. I am through with them, I think. The service there is not good. THAT was more of a hassle to me than working with the Silent Witness domes. I used them because I knew from experience they have a gimbal mount (XYZ) axis which means they may be wall mounted if necessary. I tried asking around at my suppliers, but I might as well have been speaking Greek. No one knew what I was talking about. Sanyo and Sony had some nice units that might have been great, but I need to see them-open them up and look for myself I guess, it would be nice if the counter people knew the product better.
  2. I've used the Silent Witness modular system a few times. You pick the enclosure, camera, and lens separately for what you want. I like these domes because the camera has a gimbal mount allowing mounting on wall as well as ceiling. There is also a UTP option. ADI had the best price. UTP enclosure, hi-res day/night cam, and A/I varifocal lens package a little over $500. Jack
  3. Thanks, Larry. I went to the site but could not find a solacam. Jack