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    EXCUSE me Tom but I really admire you're advice since you seem to have a lot of knowledge. To think about your input? I'm starting to feel & realize I shouldn't be cheap after NOT taking ANY risks ordering a set of cameras from ebay. Since I did order from the official website INSTEAD of dealing with 3rd party retailer. When I didn't want to pay for a product that's been sitting on the shelves for month(s)! (Especially if it's defective device). (Being a member on this forum for quiet sometime w/ so many post(s) is amazing since this kind of technology seems to be you're ball park). Perhaps I should go with your advice.. What would you do & I couldn't imagine how you're property is survellence when you probably have setup that's more advance then the president or extraterrestrials!! I wouldn't doubt your domain has the recent prototype of telekinesis technology for survellences. Seriously, what would you choose for the best option . . Lorex LBV2531 . . 8 cameras LX1080-88w . . . . .8ch 2TB DVR (ANALOG) -Truly, thank you for all of your advice!!
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    Hello, FRESH NEW here.. Ordering this set coming up Monday 7/3/17 for now. . 8-channel DV700 HD DVR and eight 1080p LBV2531 weatherproof bullet security cameras LX1080-88 DVR (ANALOG) BUT! I'am on a MANHUNT for an LPR camera in a complete dark area capturing license plate #'s 65mph TOPS! (since i live in court when I don't need a crazy expensive phat box shape camera) trying to spend under $500 but would LOVE a picture CLEAR as 1080p if possible. - I don't got a 4k TV otherwise I buy everything 4k but that will wait. . - what is the best brand for cable, POWER adapter cables & other MISC (if needed) because i dont think LOREX cables wont EVEN work out but maybe get 2 cameras R0LLiN' since im debating to buy a box w/ a thousand feet! EVEN the power adapter cables wont REACH. Also here are some places I've been lookin' at. . Any other websites are welcome! THANK YOU!
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    Hi. In the discription it says power supply supplied with camera 8 cameras = 8 power supplies. Your asking for 1 power supply with 8 pig tails .... the one on there site ? That power supply will not run your system it's only 2amp And it is never a good idea to use pigtail power supplies....... 1 faulty camera will switch off the other 7 If your not happy with the individual power supplies then buy a central power unit 8 way 10amp individual fused Whoa. . . ! Forget it, those are $80-$150 When I just didn't know why Lorex official website advertise a different photo before ordering. I also just didn't want to deal with 8 individual power adapter(s), after assuming I was going to plug in one power adapter this entire time. However is it okay to order this eBay power strip? http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Outlet-Power-Strip-1-6-ft-14-3-AWG-with-Circuit-Braker-UL-LISTED-pack-of-4-/322194092586?hash=item4b0443b22a:g:cnAAAOSw0fhXif5n
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    So.. After day of trouble shooting..? Finally got picture & waiting on reply 4RM Lorex if they'll send me 8 to 1 POWER adapter. Since they sent me individual power adapter(s) I'll be so mad if I got to deal with of what they sent me after reading false advertisement description & try to tell me different OVER the phone However I pray nothing else goes wrong after testing all 8 cameras on ONLY one video cord & power adapter. So far I see visual on all 8 cameras! " title="Applause" />
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    Hi, looking for a good video security system

    D*mn nearly paying for labor when your better off installing them on your own. I just order a set of 8 cameras of1080p for $408 shipped ! After catching their 4th of July sale for $374 but expect 12-15 business days when I'm still waiting.. Also.. I still need to order an LPR camera to catch the license plate(s) including license plate reconitgion software & desktop PC
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    Need help with Swann NVR

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    How To Contact The Admin//Moderator

    I'm not sure if this would help but I would hit print script on a pc keyboard. paste it in . . . paint & then save it under jpeg (i think that's what it says) - Send it in a Facebook private msg to yourself.. - right click on the image & copy the image URL link - then paste it into the thread like this wwww.GOODLUCK.com THat's what I did with images & don't see why wouldn't it work when it should.
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    CCTV to Television connection?

    Sorry I cant answer your question. Honestly there are always great deals & bargains out there when you just got to look & search. I know I created a post when I just wanted to get an opinion from these OG's that know surveillance - However.. Im in the market as we speak right now to buy a complete system. - I'm seeing Lorex or Swann is the 0NLY best quality to please my needs especially that FLIR Cloud™ App (LOREX is having a 4th of july sale so I can't refuse this deal).