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  1. central_texan

    Help with GV800 Display Settings

    Thanks jeromephone! That was the problem. I appreciate your help. central_texan
  2. central_texan

    Help with GV800 Display Settings

    I have recently set up a GV800 system and everything seems to be working okay but I have an issue with how the system displays the cameras on the main screen. If I set the screen to display 8 cameras it works fine until motion is detected on one of the cameras. When that happens, the display switches to single camera mode then after a few seconds it switches to 16 camera mode. It doesn't seem to matter which camera the motion is detected on. If I have the display set to 8 camera mode, I'd like it to either stay on 8 mode or display the camera where motion was detected then switch BACK to 8 camera mode. I can't find any setting in the menus to set that option. Thanks for any responses you offer.