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  1. what everyone has been doing wrong is they use the full device serial number from SADP . you must remove the device model number first and use only the part number which is in red below. DS-7608NI-E20820150306AARR506038794WCVU paste the red number into the link below , use the reset code in SADP tool to reset to factory default password of 12345 http://www.hikvision.com/us/DownloadAgreementPro.aspx?stat=1&c_kind=10649&id=36220&iframe=true&width=760&height=400 The link above gives us the file to download. What does this have to do with our problem?
  2. Serial: DS-7608NI-E20820150306AARR506038794WCVU Date Time: 2017-07-01 19:22:53 Software Ver: 3.4.0 build 150929 how to recovery password?