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  1. mfuller

    AHD Camera into GV-1240 card

    Hey All, Anyone know if you can feed AHD cameras into a GV-1240 system? Like the below for example... https://www.rfconcepts.co.uk/bullet-ir-camera-waterproof-1080p-ahd-ah3124.html My card only appears to support a maximum of 704x576. Would the video display, but scaled down? Would it not work at all? Thanks for the feedback
  2. mfuller

    Geovision Dead in the UK?

    Hi All, So anyone else in the UK finding it increasingly hard to buy Geovision equipment? Henry's CCTV, RF Concepts both seem to have stopped selling them. EZCCTV has hugely scaled back their supply. Anyone have any good UK suppliers for Geovision cameras and dongles? I must say I'm close to switching to something else. I hate the fact I have to pay through the nose for a dongle to get 3rd party IP cameras into my 1280 system. It's not like I haven't already paid a lot for the card.