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    Please suggest a system

    Thanks for the reply. The system suggested is just outside my budget, what do you think of this one lorex lnk72163tc8bp
  2. Looking for some help on this system I have a this system installed in my office already and am having a jolly time trying to link it to my phone for surveillance. In the first instance can someone detail briefly what the process of remote viewing is? Finding a manual for this system isn't easy either.
  3. I have got together a few requirements and was wondering on brand of system to buy. The following is what I require the system to be able to do: 1. Allow me to view cameras on smartphone and PC based system 2. Allow staff access to system but only to view/playback footage and not be able to manipulate system. 3. Facilitate at least 12 cameras 4. Be user friendly! 5. Have motion detection of some sort which sends a message to my phone 6. Be of 4k quality 7. Lastly I need a crystal clear image of computer screens to see what icons are pressed through one of the cameras. I do not favour a feed in to monitor to achieve this. Help on this subject would be great.
  4. Hi Im new to this forum and really hoping on advice that can point me in the right direction. I run a post office and have a system in place already that isn't that great. I basically require a system to do the following: 1. show computer screens clearly so that if there is a dispute in transactions, the actions can be viewed on screen and problems resolved 2. Decent recording capacity 3. Some sort of device attached to my two safes that will send a text message or alert of some sort to my phone when my safes are opened 4. I also need a system that can handle at least 7 - 8 cameras Thanks for help in advance