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  1. i bought a hikvision dvr off amazon but it is bound to another account or area and i can1t get it unbound so i can`t view it remotely. i also have 3 ptz cameras that i can`t view remotely. what is the problem with hikvision?
  2. i have a hilook mini ip ptz camera rug on ivms 4200 and it shuts off after 5 minutes. it was working fine until a few days ago.any ideas? thanks
  3. i have a hilook mini ptz h.265 and it went offline . i figured out the power cable was no good. i disconnected the camera and brought it next to my laptop and modem and powered it up with an ethernet cable direct to the modem and a power cable , but it is not showing it`s online. i tried adding it to the hilook app on my phone but it says it`s offline. any ideas?thanks
  4. when i`m there i can view my optiyew ptz on thw optiview software for windows but now at a remote location, only on my mobile devices. i believe it is set to dhcp but the mobile apps do not show an ip as it was installed by serial number.any ideas ?
  5. i have 3 hilook ptz cams using ivms 4200 software to view them on my laptop and phone when i`m coneccted to my home network..when i`m outside the network one cam says offline on my phone the other 2 no problem.any ideas?
  6. prop

    convert bnc camera to ethernet

    my dvr is maxed out with cameras and i have a couple of extras , so i want to convert them to ip cameras if possible
  7. i have an optiview dvr and cameras that i can`t view outside my home network.
  8. i have 2 different surveillance systems that i would like to view on one screen ,is there any such software?
  9. i have 2 different surveillance systems that i would like to view on one screen ,is there any such software?
  10. i`m trying to connect my new ptz cam to view on my optiview system with hard wired bnc cameras.the new ptz is also opriview but is ip .i try to use the software to add the camera but it doesn`t show up
  11. the camera is not wireless , it is connected to my remote router via ethernet. i am able to view on hilook vision app on my tablet but can`t view it on my laptop or phone. s not
  12. prop

    add wireless camera to a dvr

    the dvr is an optiview hdvr64k-q2a1 camres nightowl wcm-sd2pou- vu -v2-jun.
  13. can i add a wireless camera to my optiview dvr?it will support uo to 8 ip cameras.i`m trying to figure out how to add more cameras to view on my laptop.
  14. i just got an optiview dvr and want to add my remote ptz camera to it. it is only connected to my remote router and not to a dvr.is it possible?