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  1. the camera is not wireless , it is connected to my remote router via ethernet. i am able to view on hilook vision app on my tablet but can`t view it on my laptop or phone. s not
  2. prop

    add wireless camera to a dvr

    the dvr is an optiview hdvr64k-q2a1 camres nightowl wcm-sd2pou- vu -v2-jun.
  3. can i add a wireless camera to my optiview dvr?it will support uo to 8 ip cameras.i`m trying to figure out how to add more cameras to view on my laptop.
  4. i just got an optiview dvr and want to add my remote ptz camera to it. it is only connected to my remote router and not to a dvr.is it possible?
  5. i have a nightowl system the nightowl connect app for my laptop used to work fine but now i can only load 6 cameras out of 16. if i try to load all it freezes .the tech help guys are trying to tell me it has to do with windows updating or some bs like that. the same programme works fine on my other laptop.is there another programme i can get to view all? thanks for any help
  6. i have a cobra system and a nightowl system.one is here and the other in mexico .i can view them both seperatly but i want to get them on the same screen .i use nightowl cam view and the cobra view on my laptop and a couple of different apps on my phone.i just want to get both systems up on one monitor in my house.i tried blue iris but can`t get anything to work on that.any ideas? thanks
  7. i have 2 seperate 16 channel dvr`s that i want to connect to view on the same screen.is it possible? thanks fro any help
  8. no can`t view on my home network.like i said i was able to view on my home network before the mexico power went back on and i was able to view both before i lost the mexico feed.
  9. i have a nightowl system in mexico that i can view no problem.i also have one here at my home in the states.i was able to view both in the past but the power went out at the mexico location for awhile and all i could get was my house here.now the power is back on in mexico and i can view that one again but now i can`t get my house here to connect .i tried with my laptop and phone with no luck.i tried a couple of different apps on the phone and no good .i tried deleting the home dvr and and scan it again but connection fails.any ideas? thanks
  10. i have system on our house in mexico and have been able to view all the cameras from here in the states.yeaterday i had to get a new modem from my internet provider.now i cant`t view my system.i can still view system that i have on with my house here in the states.i tried with my cell phone as well as my laptop and no good.any ideas?thanks
  11. i have a nightowl system setup at my house here in the states.i also have system at my house in mexico.i an able to view both on my cell phone but trying to figure out how to view them both on my laptop.i am able to view my usa system but can`t get the mexico dvr setup.thanks for any help
  12. i have a next door neighbor who put up a camera aimed right at our front door.i am sure he has the right to aim it anywhere on his property but this guy is a pain in the butt,and it has been one problem after another with him.is there a way to legally block that camera with an infrared signal or something like that?
  13. i have a night owl system and it has been working fine until last week .the cameras are red and i am not able to open them.i`m in mexico and i am able to view my cameras from the states but i lost the the cameras down here.i tried changing ip and also rescanning the qr code.i even deleted the programme on my laptop and reinstalled.anybody got any ideas?thanks for any help
  14. set it to static and tried to ping,get request timed out
  15. i have a system in ny that i can view on my cell phone here in mexico.i also have a system here in mexico that i can view on my laptop as well as my phone.i can seem to add it to my laptop to view.it was working but now i can`t get it to add .do i need to use a different programme than the nightowl view?