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  1. it was working fine until a couple of days ago.i can view all my cameras on my tv monitor but now they all are offline on my laptop.laptop and dvr are on the same network.i am in mexico and also have a system in the states that i can view on my laptop no problem.i had been able to view both dvr`s but now i can`t.same goes for my phone ,i had it a few days ago but now connection fails.no settings were changed on the dvr so i can`t figure it out.an ideas?
  2. anyone know of a dvr with ir input?
  3. the dvr does not have an ir input
  4. i`m trying to figure out how i can remotely control my dvr from another room where my monitor is.i can run a cable to it but is there a way to access the dvr remotley by ir or something like that?