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  1. djrikstar

    What Android App To Use

    Thanks for the input I was using one called IP cam viewer on my android, iPhone, and Amazon fire stick but it's not the best so for the android I'm definitely going with the app you mentioned as it looks like a rebrand of the i-apollo app just from seeing the pics on the play store.
  2. I used to use an app called i-apollo for my Qvis i-zeus DVR a good few years ago. Now I have got my CCTV back up and running I don't see the app anyone for Android. Does anyone know what it has been replaced with?? Or any other app that works the same etc?? Thanks, guys.
  3. djrikstar

    CCTV Equipment Needed

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up buying a SUNBA 3X Optical Zoom mini ptz as only needed a small one and I have had an Qvis i-zeus DVR for a good few years now. I also purchased some cat5e and 2 pairs of cat 5e ethernet baluns, one pair had the ptz cables as well on them and the other pair had no ptz wires on. I rewired both the cameras with cat 5e one of them was a 5 meter run for the bullet camera and the other was a 23 meter run with the ptz. I did the work over the weekend but had to mess around with the end of the ethernet cable for a while to get it right but now both are working and after messing with the ptz wires for 2 hours I had them wrong way round in the A/B on the DVR but after correcting the issue the ptz function worked fine for moving the camera around. Now the only thing is the camera that was on a 23 meter run has lines running down the screen and the other one on a 5-meter run has some lines running down the screen too but not as bad as the longest running cable. Now I'm guessing this could be caused as the cables are too thin in the ethernet to properly power the devices may be as I tried the long run ptz camera on a shorter 3 meter run of power and no lines but I'm baffled with the 5 meter run as that has lines on off such a short run. I was thinking of taking the baluns off and using 2 twisted pairs as the power if it is the power causing the lines through the screen it's not bad but its enough to p*ss you off XD. So can anyone confirm that ethernet cable using these baluns below are not the best as they cause lines if so i will have to figure something else out or live with the lines to save another weekend cctv headache..
  4. Hi I currently have 2 cctv cameras connected via RG59 cable with power lead connected to it so it's a shotgun cable. One of the cameras has stopped working maybe due to cable damage/moisture so I'm looking to change the cable and also for a PTZ camera I'm getting. Now I'm after exactly what I need for a cat5/cat5e setup. So here are some questions below. 1. Is there any advantage to using cat5, cat5e or cat6 as im looking to use a ptz soon and it will be 720p quality?? 2. Is that 305m outdoor cat5 cable any good off ebay or should I stay clear of it? My run is roughly 30m.. 3. Should I use only one twisted pair for video and the other twisted pairs for power?? Now I'm looking to maybe pick up the equipment tomorrow so for a cat5 run what exactly do I need to buy for it? Such as baulins etc. I feel confident in doing everything myself as done the last runs but just wanted to know what exactly is needed for a cat5 run.. Thanks, Guys...
  5. djrikstar


    Hi new to the forum looking to learn some things around CCTV..