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  1. Which camera brands should I look for- which ones should I avoid? Recommendations on the best weather-proof cameras? Good sources where one might find a variety of lens options? Best pricing? Anything else that I also need to know is appreciated too. I try to do my homework, and it helps to ask those who have gone before! Thanks
  2. carl0

    Help Please Wanted.

    I have a Panasonic WV-CL120e colour cctv camera. Anyone have basic specifications - lines etc....?? Additionally, its a single wire system i.e video/audio/power all via the one coax connection. Any idea what the technical specs are for the composite signal being sent out of the camera? Whats the power supply - 12V? Thanks
  3. carl0

    Newbie : Hello all

    Hello everyone, I've just registered My name Carlson from California, I have been surfing lately and found out that This forum is the best source for reliable information From what I have looked at here, this will be a great place to hang out. Thanks.