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  1. AdeliaZhang

    Home Camera Security

    Hi Furqan, I hope you are doing well. There are different type’s security cameras available markets with verity quality. It depends on you and your budget which you want to buy. By the way, I am using now TT7x0PW mini small outdoor waterproof FHD wireless POE security camera of titathink.com to protect my house. If you need you can contact them.
  2. AdeliaZhang

    which security camera brand is better?

    Nowadays there are different brands which are providing hidden security cameras. Last month I had bought one small hidden night vision Titathink Wifi IP camera at only in $169.90. That was superb.
  3. AdeliaZhang

    Best system for my home

    Home security is most important for us. There are tons of best home security cameras out there, and every year, they seem to get better and better. However, we have some good CCTV systems for outside of your home for a security solution. You can contact with Titathink Technology online shop. I hope you will get your best security camera to cover the front of your house.
  4. AdeliaZhang

    I need a camera that is offline

    Hello, my friend, there are so many different types of security cameras in the market with different feathers. If you are looking a good camera then you should buy TT526PW Wireless Wi-Fi 1080P night vision small hidden IP camera from Tittathink.com. This camera can help you in both light and dark environment.
  5. Yes I checkeck this link. It is a good product. Security camcorder installation is the chief thing that the common man must be aware of. But many times it has been seen that they do not have the knowledge of what to buy from the market. With the development of the modern technology in every aspect of life cameras that work for the security of the home also developed in a new way. You can visit “Titathink” online shop. I am using Outdoor waterproof camera of this online shop.
  6. AdeliaZhang

    Looking for a CCTV System to fit my Budget

    Hi JamieLee, if are looking the best camera in affordable budget please search in online. You will get so many latest products. Also, you can visit https://www.titathink.com/ online store where you can get some best cameras with good prices.
  7. While going to install a cam in your house or office try knowing a fact about some powerful cams that will be your ultimate security solution. Out of everything, the 1080p Security Camera has gained immense popularity. The cams have named this way because it can utilize the traditional analog and RG59 coax cable. The resolution of the cam is 1080p, or you can say 1920 x 1080. I had bought a 1080p Security Camera for my home from a reputed online shop “titathink” for security region.
  8. AdeliaZhang

    Camera brands

    Yes, there are good Chinese companies that will honor warranties. But do they pay for returm shipping if something is wrong with it? I did have to return a camera to China, and the cheapest shipping I found at the time was $33, and this was with a no tracking option. Will titythink pay for return shipping? Sorry for delay response as I was outside for work. Anyway, you really asked an important question and I appreciate that. But before I give you any answer I want to make a confirmation so I sent a message to TITATHINK Team. Within 2days I will get their confirmation. Then I will let you know. Until then please have a patience
  9. AdeliaZhang

    Camera brands

    I agree on one point that by choosing a cheap camera will not give much advantages in case of anything goes wrong as there will be trouble in warranty issue.. But I don't think such case applied for all Chinese brand as some are providing guarantee in order to make trust to their costumer. Such as there is a Chinese camera seller brand named "titathink" providing Guaranty 14 Day Money-back and 14 days unconditionally return purchase since you received product.