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  1. Hello , does anybody know is it possible to send log file from Hikvision DVR / NVR to e mail predefined in E-mail setup section ?
  2. Did some software during the 8.5.x driver installation process change the firmware from 1.4x to 1.55 ?
  3. drani

    Post YOUR Tested PCs

    Computer Case: KME CM9187 Micro Tower Power Supply * : Chieftec DPS-300AB-9C 300W Motherboard * : GigaBYTE GA-73PVM-S2 CPU *: Intel Pentium DC E5200 running at 3.8GHz Memory *: GEIL 2GB PC2 6400 DDR2 800 MHz Black Dragon Dual Channel Kit, SPD 4-4-4-12 Video Card *: OnBoard nVidia 7100 with DVI Hard Drive : HITACHI 1TB SERIAL ATA HD 7200/16MB/SATA-3G Optical Drive : SONY NEC AD-7240S Cooling: cpu: Genuine by Intel 2 x 60 mm Rear Exhaust Fan 1 ThermalTAKE A2275 120mm inside , behind GV card Monitor: Philips 190S7 connected with DVI cable Operating System * : XP pro SP2 with N-LITE tuning GeoVision Card * GV 1120 / 16 with 11 audio channels GeoVision Software Version * GV 8.3 Screen Resolution * : 1280x1024 Video Size * 704x576 Motion/Continuous * : Motion FPS (if applicable) : 25fps Environment (eg. Office, Heat, etc) : 42" RACK unit UPS:MGE NOVA 1250 Length of Tested Period * : since 08/2009 ( this was the last one ) CPU Temperature :: 40 - 44 deg Cel System Temperature :: 36 - 40 deg Cel NOTES: Dedicated PC For CCTV Server with Geo lock tools , very cheap and powerful . Also it seems to me that picture looks better with DVI !?!
  4. drani

    geovision not working as expected

    Simple and VERY TRUE answer . I've tried NLITE XP_SP2 on GigaBYTE GA73PVM-S2 (nVidia nFORCE 630 chipset with 7100 VGA onboard ) with Intel DC E5200 running on 3.8GHz ! with GV800 @ 8.3 sw. This works perfectly and very , very fast and stable . Thanks again Rory .
  5. drani

    Nuuo Sub-Forum

    After two weeks of testing , I buy the H. 264 Hardware Compression Capture Card SCB-5008 card last week ,I'm very satisfied and I also agree with idea about NUUO sub-forum . NUUO-NDVR the "Hybrid Solution" enables IP and analog surveillance cameras to work together within the application. By installing an NUUO SCB-series video capture card, along with NUUO surveillance management software, you can install the latest IP cameras without removing the original analog system. An NUUO Hybrid solution can manage a comprehensive combo of 64 channels simultaneously.