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    Live CCTV Transmission

    Thanks - I'll return shortly.
  2. Can anyone please help me to find the technical or product name of small CCTV cameras, not necessarily ‘miniature spy camera ‘ that can transmit live real-time event ? How far a distance can a CCTV camera transmit live real-time images? I’m a newcomer to CCTV security capabilities and I’m having problems finding the industry names for security items in which I am interested. Especially as to what do people call a small CCTV camera, not necessarily a ‘miniature spy camera ‘ that can transmit live real-time event, if indeed such an item exists ? Thank you.
  3. FrankLawn

    Exploring New Realms

    Hello. I'm retired, putting myself outside the comfort zone to keep the old grey cells ticking over. Grateful for all info that members may consider spending their valuable time to offer.