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  1. Hi All, I have lurked here for the better part of a year now, researching and gathering information in putting together a new surveillance system for my business. I appreciate all that you guys were willing to share. I am working with a fairly limited budget($10k) , and am trying to maximize what I can get. I have negotiated with a local CCTV installer off and on for the last couple of weeks, and am trying to decide whether to A: go over-budget and have him install a Hybrid NVR, OR B: Build my own hybrid system using BlueIris software and BlueCherry PCIe cards for the analog cameras. A short summary of what this system will consist of : (5) Axis 2-5MP cameras (IP) (11) Old Analog Cameras My question for you all is, Do I go over-budget and give the extra business to the professional or build a PC myself? PC Part Picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fZYBnn Any words of wisdom welcome! Thanks again for all of your contributions! Edit: I guess I should voice what my concerns are. I have a fairly good understanding of networking, and am very good at troubleshooting software and hardware. I have built several computers. Is building my own going to cause me more headaches than this is worth? I have plenty of time on my hands to take the time to learn, but is this going to be over my head?