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  1. Hey, So one of my cameras in the last few weeks has been working intermittently and now have stop all together. I assumed it was a loose cable so checked that and took the camera inside to try with another cable. The camera seems to light up but the IP does not come up. I put it into the back of the NVR as it is usually powered by a POE but the NVR does not seem to recognize it either. Camera is a Dahua IPC-HDW4431C-A Any suggestions on how to recover it or should i consider it dead?
  2. Hey, So i have 5 dahua IP camera and all were recording to a server using Zoneminder. Running Zoneminder was killing my virtual host so i purchased a dedicated NVR to monitor the cameras and record their feeds. I assumed that the NVR would work with any cameras and the NVR is what was going to be doing all the work e.g analysing video for scene changes, trip wires etc.. After getting the NVR - DHI-NVR4108-8P-4KS2/L i am after realizing that it can not replace a lot of the functionality that zoneminder was doing as it seems to rely on the cameras for things like tripwires. When i go to AI > IVS and try to add one i get the error "Operation failed." for some cameras and for my PTZ camera i get the error "Please add a preset first." I know its possible to set tripwires and stuff up on the camera themselves but as there is no supported browser plugin for the camera I am unable to do this. Please note I have only Mac and Linux devices. I assume the issue here is the firmwares i have on these cameras since some are very old. If thats the case how can i update them as i when i go into the cameras and try to update i get the message "It is the latest version" The camera i have are: IPC-HDW4631C-A - System Version 2.622.0000000.23.R, Build Date: 2018-11-10, WEB Version, ONVIF Version 16.12(V2.4.1.513183) - works with trip wires IPC-HDW4431C-A-V2 - Software Version 2.420.0000.21.R, Build Date: 2016-07-24, WEB Version, ONVIF Version 2.42 - get the error "Operation failed." when trying to add IVS. IPC-HDW4431C-A - Software Version 2.420.0000.21.R, Build Date: 2016-07-24, WEB Version, ONVIF Version 2.42 - get the error "Operation failed." when trying to add IVS. DH-SD22404T-GN - System Version 2.623.0000000.7.R.R4.495, Build Date: 2018-11-24, WEB Version, ONVIF Version 16.12(V2.4.3.580229) - "Please add a preset first." IPC-A22E-A - This is a Dahua IMOU internal camera. cant get the specs of this as it does not seem to have a web ui. All camera are connected to the NVR via port 37777 using the following setting and are directly connected to the NVR in bridged network mode. I tired ONVIF but get errors and similar results. Any advice or help here would be appreciated.
  3. yes i tired with differentdirectories and different user accounts. every other device/machine can R/W to the nas except the Camera. I managed a work around last night. i mounted the NAS on a another server then recorded to the nas via the other server. Its not ideal but im after spending a lot of time trying to resolve this with no luck. yeah i tired with the NAS feature but couldnt get it to work. I didnt spend too long on it as i dont know how it is suppose to work without creditional being entered. i also tired that smartPSS and that is pretty much the same interface that the camera has build in. no recording to storage options other than whats already on the camera webgui
  4. hey thanks for the reply. i can play the videos fine when they are recorded to another machine, but from looking at the recorded files on the NAS none are more than 500kb compared to the few MBs per second of recording on the other machine. It seems the files are created but the recording never starts. nas settings http://www.cctvforum.com/download/file.php?mode=view&id=9631&sid=609f6965072b7d8a13d32359e3957bba nas files http://www.cctvforum.com/download/file.php?mode=view&id=9630&sid=609f6965072b7d8a13d32359e3957bba other machine saved files http://www.cctvforum.com/download/file.php?mode=view&id=9633&sid=609f6965072b7d8a13d32359e3957bba i have tired to record both peramanently and by motion. i get the same result either way. thanks
  5. Hey, I have a Dahua IP camera - IPC-HDW4431C-A. i have a NAS on my network and I want to be able to record the feed from the camera to this NAS. I configured and started the FTP service in the NAS but for some reason the IP camera cannot record on to it. From the looks of the files on the NAS, it is able to connect to the NAS as it is saving files on it but they are never more than a 1MB in size and the recordings are unplayable. It like it stop just before it starts to record. I have confirmed the permissions are correct on the NAS and i am able to read and write using the same username that i gave the IP camera using FileZilla. I then configured an FTP server on another server I have and it records to this no problem but this has a limited HDD size and is dedicated to something else. After days and days of trying to get the FTP method to work, I decided to go a different route and run a VM on my NAS with DVR software running. I ran into more problems again this way. The only DVR software I could find was Genius Vision but after installing, I found out that it cannot record to mapped drive (MY NAS). Currently I am installing Zone minder DVR software on an Ubuntu VM and testing that. Hopefully that will work but I am not too optimistic. Could anyone please recommend a NVR/DVR software that i can record to my NAS(network drive) or better yet tell me why i am unable to record to my NAS directly from the camera? Thanks for any help.
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    Hey, Im john from ireland. I dont have much experience with CCTV systems but have installed a few lower budget systems for family. Thanks for letting me join