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  1. hi guys need pointing in the right direction please I have installed an hikvision 7600 nvr via hdmi cable that gone to plan as well as two camera, but I have tried to set up iVMS-4200 Client on pc which am not sure I am right as well as trying without any luck trying to get it to work remote on my mobile phone can some one help me please tia
  2. hi guy apologize if am in wrong section, could some point me in the right direction to buy hikaision , without being installer
  3. hi guys need some advice I currently have a swann system, which I am looking to upgrade, being looking at two options hikvision or a dacha, which would you suggested or is this other appreciate all the advice you say thanks
  4. andymar

    cctv with colour night vision

    hi there I understand about the luz, at present I have an old swann set up, I was looking at an lorex one, but the one I seen was usa only plus not pal, what good system i.e. with colour vision in the uk please
  5. hi guys, thinking about upgrading my system which I have present, looking for one with colour night time vison, could you recommend me with some products please tia
  6. andymar

    swann cctv system

    hi need some advice, would this swann 8 Channel Security System: 4K Ultra HD NVR-8000 with 4TB HDD & 4 x 4K NHD-880 Bullet Cameras, work in the uk if bought from the states I heard about the pal and ntsc but surely that only in the recorder not the camera or am I wrong appreciate you reply tia