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  1. hi i have this avtech since 2013 and worked this every day,i mention that i don`t have ip camera only analog (with bnc connected) and a change one for all this years ,i change router also and the problem still .I think that happen after 6 month i change IPS. The next thing i`m gonna do its to change the dvr. When i figure out i let you know but i suppose that it`s the dvr motherboard Thanks for interest
  2. hi I have avtech analog KPD 674 4 ch ,and in the ip settings when i choose static ip (192.168.*.*) with my router getaway , dns my oruter or google and default port 80 after a while ,5-6 h ,the ip changes (with no reboot in dvr and router also ) to and port change to 1024..something. I have to say that it works perfect 3 1/2 years and i din`t change anything ,also i must change when i try it to change it again , the (ip /dns /port )that the machine change it not always the same exp. /port 1024 --after 1 day port 2425 . I know that tis crazy but i thing its the motherboard of avtech KPD674 Ι forgot to say that i change the motherboard battery but it`s not nessesery bacause i lost only the ip settings all other settings are ok Anyone can help ?