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  1. evan_eanpro

    IP cameras and POS system

    I have been fighting a Wayne Nucleus POS system also to get this data formatted correctly into a Dahua x583a DVR. So far I am able to get the stream of data to flow to the DVR but I see the same useless data and what does come through isn't searchable. I think this is an easy problem to solve for the DVR guys but they need to hear from customers about this being something that we want to have correctly working. I feel like they spent a minimal amount of time in this area and abandoned doing a thorough solution for the market. Am interested in working with others that are making headway in this integration This is a little of the data as it comes from the POS: 02/16/18 17:10:08 8 PC CHICK D 1 8.49T e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Credit Card 1 15.99 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Cash Change Due: 0.00 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Subtotal: 15.66 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Sales TAX: 0.33 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Total: 15.99 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Customer birthdate: Cashier Override e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:10 Transaction ID#623751 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:10:29 32 Oz Soda 1 1.79T e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:10:32 BREAST 1 3.29T e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:16 Customer Transaction on Hold e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:26 KK CHICKEN 1 3.99T e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:29 Customer Transaction Restored e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:38 Cash 1 7.00 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:39 Cash Change Due: 0.74 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:39 Subtotal: 5.78 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:39 Sales TAX: 0.48 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:39 Total: 6.26 e53s753t1 02/16/18 17:11:39 Transaction ID#623756 e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:43 Cash 1 20.00 e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:43 Cash Change Due: 0.44 e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:44 Subtotal: 18.07 e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:44 Sales TAX: 1.49 e31s753t2 02/16/18 17:11:44 Total: 19.56
  2. evan_eanpro

    CLOVER POS / NVR intergration

    I believe this requires building a custom app for the Clover System. I have been looking into this and would be interested in hearing from others as well. I have several questions about what you would like to see and how you would integrate this into your NVR / DVR. For me, I feel that being able to program keywords that would provide for an alarm event is the most common and legacy way of doing this. But I also would like to see a more up to date method that would database the transactions into a searchable method. Also, I would like to take full advantage of ONVIF integration and Picture in Picture versus Text overlay. All feedback is welcome, and if you know of this already being done please save me the time and energy of having to build this myself.