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  1. HackerlyCatterly

    DVR Firmware Questions for the pros

    Nahh I need 32 cams, its a big property. I'm living off VA 40% disabled till the docs clear me to go back to work and cash is a factor. Plus I already have these cameras so any system I could just use these in areas that are not as important would be a huge plus for me. Do you have any recommendations for a dvr under 100 bucks that could cover this? Or know anyone who has a used one they wanna sell or trade? Hit me back and ty
  2. So check it out, I bouhgt a cheapo 16 camera dedicated DVR from ebay, a kkmoon 16 channel with h.264....Yes I know it's **** lol. I got pressured into a quick buy without enough research time and I HIGHLY freaking regret it! I'm a wireless engineer by trade but I haven't been working much last few months, so I just collect my Veterans Affairs pension for now every month till my health gets a bit better so funds are tight, I usually research but the price was right and you get what you pay for....now half the damn cameras are starting to show noticeable picture degradation and burnt freaking IR lights lol. Anyways, I'm saving up for a new dvr and I'm gonna phase in new cameras, gonna get a 32 channel next purchase. But! My problem is this firmware blows. I freaking hate it! I wanna be able to for example select how many squares something is before it gives me a motion alarm for example, this is the freaking country and dust and dirt is constantly flying by these things so otherwise its constantly going off no matter how I set the settings. **So is it possible to install another companies firmware onto this dvr? And if so anyone know where to get it and how to do it or is it just sticking a flash drive into the dvr??** Also I was screwed into buying 4 cameras that are HD, once again by chinese sellers on Ebay, they told me they would work with this DVR...they don't lol. Even though the dvr has an HD stream option they don't play. Doesn't matter cuz I got the full upgrade but it would be cool to use these extra 4 HD cameras, so is there anyway to upload a firmware that allows me to do the above and play these cameras or is this a hardware doesnt match software sort of situation? I'm gonna post screenshots right now of the EXACT system I bought off Ebay, if I can upload new firmware to this and you can tell me where to get it I will buy you the next 5 rounds! Need anymore info just tell me what. If you need to tell me something not allowed on the forums do to legality of software and all that please msg me and thank you. Oh the new cameras its confirmed hidden on the page from ebay they need an HD Dvr, I showed the guy these same pics I'm showing you and he told me they would work with my dvr....but you can't trust those dudes. Doesn't matter, I got a full refund and kept the cameras hahah!
  3. HackerlyCatterly


    Hey everyone! New to the forums here but I'm sure you will be seeing me a lot as this has become a new obsession for me haha. I've always been a fan of the hardware but the software side is lost on me. I've recently bought my first dvr and cameras system that is actually mine and I studied like crazy the placement, the angles, freaking everything lol. Im a noob but I'm getting better! I'll see you around! I've got a few questions to ask but I'll try and find the appropriate forums! Hope yall can help! and if anyone needs help with non camera stuff, or wants to make new antennas for something then hit me up! I'm a wireless engineer by trade with a primary specialty of microwave freqs so wifi etc! I'm obsessed with homebrewing antennas and my stuff can be pretty damn good!