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  1. I have worked with a number of analog matrix systems like the Sensormatic VM96, AD Megapower, Bosch/Phillips, and Pelco CM matrix switches over the years and they all perform very well with analog PTZ's and their respective controllers. You could track activity on any of these systems with ease. An added benefit is you could record the monitor output, so supplying video evidence of what was just seen was as easy as backing up one channels worth of video (or popping the tape on systems that still had a VCR). Any place I've seen that is a serious user of PTZ/Matrix systems is still analog, including a few projects I have done. By serious user, I mean there is someone monitoring and controlling the cameras full time. (Like LP/AP in a retail store or security officer for a facility) I recently did an install at a small retail store and used IP HD cameras as the stationary cameras and installed a separate matrix controller for the PTZ cameras. I have experimented with a Hikvision analog DVR and a Hikvision DS-1100KI keyboard in my home, but the keyboard is awkward and confusing to use. Not to mention it has to boot up and goes to sleep after a while. (You have to login to the keyboard every time you want to use it as well) I estimate the video delay on this thing to be close to 500ms even with a simple gigabit network. This basically renders the whole thing unusable to control the PTZs with any accuracy. I just gave up and installed a Pelco CM6700 matrix and a KBD300a keyboard for my analog PTZs. The difference between the network based control and analog is insane, it seems like you can't beat an analog matrix system when it comes to live tracking. The analog Pelco system is always ready to go and I can track a target with ease, with no noticeable lag between the control and the live video. I have heard of Target stores switching their PTZ systems to all IP, eliminating their joystick controllers and doing a mouse based system for PTZ control. I have never seen one of these first hand but I can't imagine whatever they are using can beat an analog joystick controller. I have been installing IP cameras for years now, but it seems like there is a gap in technology when it comes to an IP based replacement for analog matrix switchers. Is there anything on the market that is an IP based drop in replacement for analog PTZ/matrix systems (that doesn't completely suck)?
  2. Jimb0

    Camera identification

    Looks like a standard analog 12VDC camera. Can you post a picture of any labels or brand names on the camera? Also a picture of the DVR might help ID the camera as well.
  3. Jimb0

    HOTEL Camera on TV

    It is an IR receiver, with what looks like chewing gum, or epoxy used to mount it to the TV. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess you are staying at an independent non-franchised hotel.
  4. Greetings everyone, I am a long time lurker, first time poster. I bought a used Pelco CM6700-MXB2 matrix switcher and a KBD300A keyboard controller. The keyboard does not get power from the local keyboard port. My first thought was a power supply issue, so I opened the unit up and tested the power supply, fuse, and capacitors, and everything looked good. The keyboard RJ45 jack was not outputting power on any pins so I assumed their wasn't continuity somewhere but upon further investigation the port is not wired for power at all! There is only 4 of the RJ45 pins connected to the ribbon cable (1&2, 7& which according to the CM6700 documentation is the TX+ TX- and RX+ RX-. All of the CM6700 manuals I have looked at say the local keyboard port pins 3 and 4 should provide 12 VAC power for the keyboard. This CM6700 also does not have a remote keyboard terminal block at all, unlike all of the ones in the manual. I am confused and thinking this is a 1st generation CM6700 that doesn't have documentation online, or it was custom made for some project and can only be controlled by the com port or something. Has anyone ran into one of these matrix switchers? I would greatly appreciate any insight on this unit. Thanks, Jimmy