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  1. Jabba2005

    CCTV rewiring help

    Not sure if my image links are working but i seem to find right clicking lets me see them??
  2. Jabba2005

    CCTV rewiring help

    Hi Guys and Gals, Im looking for your help please, i was given a few cameras where there cables where cut short, now id like to rewire them in order to work again and if possible use cat5e to rewire so colour coding is better understood so e.g. the power would be blue and blue white and say video for orange and orange white. i am unsure of what all the cable are for so managed to get inside and take pictures... anyone with a bit better knowlege of this could you help me even with say a wiring diagram, i am aware that i will need baluns and power aswell in order to connect each end into a power source and finally a DVR. TPHDTVFCX TPHDTVFC As above all help in this matter is grateully appreciated... Yours Andy
  3. other software for some reason wouldnt let me view or record in HD where as this one has.
  4. From a UK store called Maplin, for around £50 i have it working now through Sighthound withing last 5 mins and its alot better quality and i did see something in settings that it was using ONVIF?
  5. Hi Ladies and Gents, hope you are all having a great day and in a helpful mood. I have purchased a Lorex by Flir LNB3143RP HD IP Camera, i was wanting to record the 1080p footage onto my PC HDD. I downloaded an program called Ispy and it found my camera but recordings and viewing is not 1080p as i use a 1080p monitor and its pixelated, ive noticed its running 10fps if that helps. It goes through from the Camera to a TP-Link SF100P (POE Switch) into a hub which is 10/100/1000 into my pc all wired, am i doing something wrong here my PC is a i7 7700k with 16gb ram and even an RX480 8gb so pretty sure thats overkill tbh. Any help is appreciated as i want to record footage at 1080p whether motion or constant i dont mind as i have a 2Tb HDD in PC aswell as an M.2. I think it might be a Software issue personaly but you guys and gals are the gurus in my mind. Andy