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  1. FYI - link to a possible solution. https://community.swann.com/nvrs-22/saving-night-vision-files-and-audio-out-of-sync-518/index1.html#post4181
  2. Has anyone managed to find a solution yet? So far nothing from Swann, they had a tech call me and then refer the call to another tech. 6 months later still no word from Swann as if they do not even know about it. Has anyone managed to find a solution or even the cause for the issue?
  3. Luckily all the information I had to share with Police was during the day time. I have spoken to Swann multiple times and they either do not know what is going on or say that it is because I convert it to AVI. But when I tell them that it is only the night footage and that it does it in the RAW file too they then refered me to a specialist who called me. He then went through a bunch of a settings and was not able to find an issue. He then said that he will refer me to the high tech team. 2 months later still no call or word from them. I just gave up. Im assuming it is a software issue rather than the hardware issue since we all have the same problem.
  4. I have the identical issue here. I have a NVR8-7400. Works fine during the day but as soon as it hits night vision it speeds up like crazy. The normal playback is fine but when put onto a USB and then to a computer its double the speed if not more. Did anyone find a fix yet? Swann is no help. If it is the Dynamic thing mentioned above, how can you force the option?