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  1. Good Morning I have recently upgraded 2 of our PC's to Windows 10. Ever since doing so the "Play Time" field is not showing correctly, it show display the time and date. As you can see in the attached screenshot we are only seeing the 201 from 2019. Has anybody seen this before? We are using a Inspire Blue DVR I have tried all the obviously things like compatibility mode and Emulating an older version of Internet Explorer. Nothing seems to make any difference. Thanks in advance Frazer
  2. FrazerM

    CMS Solution

    Morning everyone, new to this forum. I'm after a PC based CMS solution that will work with multiple DVR's at multi sites, all sites are linked and can view all DVR's from web browser on the PC. The systems we are currently using are Symphony, Inspire, Dahua, Hikvision. Not really bothered if the Symphony systems work in it as we only have 2 of them. Thanks in advance.