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  1. its for business use. i've been into the camera through ivms and changed the resolution to 1080p and to H264 and it says setting saved but when i come out and back in the camera settings are back to 2688 and H265.
  2. so i've now rolled back the NVR firmware to an older version and the new camera is now showing as working and showing on the multi screen but when you click on it to see fullscreen its showing as unsupported stream type.
  3. hi thanks for the reply there's no DVD fitted unit details attached and we are based near glasgow.
  4. hi guys im looking for a little guidance on a issue we are having with our hikvision nvr. we have a DS-7732NI-E4/16P which we have been running for some time with a load of DS-2CD2142FWD-I dome cameras with no issue. however i recently bought a DS-2CD2346G2-IU to add to the system and i'm struggling to get the NVR to show the camera. i plugged the camera directly into one of the empty ports on the NVR and it shows initially but then after trying to add camera it disappears. so i tried adding the camera to the network instead and initialising through IVMS which works and the camera shows and can be viewed in IVMS you can then pick the camera up as a network camera in the NVR and add the camera but it shows the little warning triangle in the status column and says unknown error on that camera and cant be viewed. can anyone shed some light on this? hopefully i'm just missing something stupid. thanks nick
  5. Securame excellent thats just what i was hoping! thanks for the reply nick
  6. hi guys hopefully someone can shed some light on my little issue, at the moment we are running a 32channel hik nvr but we have a couple of screens elsewhere in the building that we would like to display one specific camera from the system on each! question is: if I buy another two small hik nvrs with no storage will I be able to connect these to the network and select the cameras we want to view on each screen without affecting the system or original nvr in any way? thanks nick
  7. if i plug the network switch into one of the poe ports then go into camera management, the nvr seems to recognise this and switches off the poe on that port, if i then connect one camera to the switch i can find that camera through the switch either on plug and play or manual add on that ports designated channel on the nvr. however when i connect more cameras to the switch i can only find them on manual if i select one of the other 16 poe port spaces they do not come up when manual adding to one of the other spare non poe port channels (ie 17-32). it also seems that if any part of the system is powered down nvr,switch or camera then the cameras attached to the switch loose their setting and no longer show as being connected to the nvr. thanks nick
  8. i have a hikvision DS7732NI-E4/16P and want to run one cat5 to a network switch to pick up 8 cameras, can the network switch be connected and configured to one of the poe ports on the nvr rather than connecting it to my lan and picking them up that way, so as to minimise traffic on my network as we already run an ip phone system. thanks nick
  9. setup manual? i am based near glasgow i followed a guide to port forward for the home hub so that should be set up!
  10. im not entirely sure to be honest. i think the ip address, the hik connect app says adding type - ip/domain alias - dvr address - port 8000 thanks nick
  11. hopefully someone can give me a little guidance with some issues I'm having with a hikvision nvr (ds-7732ni-e4/16p) and the hik connect app. I've done a fair bit of reading up and just can't seem to work out what I'm missing. the app works fine when on wifi to the network that the nvr is connected to but will not connect when on any other wifi or mobile network. i have been into the router (bt homehub 5) and set up port forwarding but still cannot seem to get the app to connect, is there anything I'm missing? I've attached some screenshots for info.
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