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  1. Aimy


    find the seller. some password can only find back by factory.
  2. DVR can change from PAL to NTSC. or NTSC to PAL. but camera can not. and choose PAL CAMERA to work with PAL DVR. NSTC camera to work with NTSC DVR. If choose IP system, then no need to think about this.
  3. why only lorex? hikvision dahua nightowl flir honeywell bosch axis........ so many choice
  4. Not choose Hikvision cameras in only Chinese version. hikvision only sell Chinese version to China. and mutil languages one not to China. this to protect their market. one of my customer ordered hikvision Ezviz in Chinese. and problems comes that Chinese version need a Chinese No to register...... If you choose, buy hikvision multi langues one. and PS: lorex did do oem from dahua. this is true.
  5. ------- Deeply understand. as a installer, i also not want there comes this kind of cameras. But as a consumer, this cameras are welcome, i believe. Smart is the trend of future. Dear tomcctv, really have the need coming to China and check this camera kits, and tell the friends here, whether they are crash or not. Welcome!
  6. Well that did not take long to admit your a spammer You might be swan ..... but to use a package design and logo from a real company like Swann...... just shows what kind of company people are best not dealing with. ----- swan is just a sample .... one day when the manufacture who do OEM for swan come out, they will also be called spammer... no problem for this... So basically it's like adding extra to your system........the same as using a standard system then adding alarm sensors for gas / motion / alarm ------ New technologies need time to test and verify. no problem for this. thank you for your criticism. this made us progress. A holiday ...... China or myrtle beach... myrtle beach wins ------- Business travel? many customers come? a travel to China, check more cctv, and also there are beautiful scenery in China. Welcome!! " title="Applause" />
  7. HI Tomcctv, Thank you ! 1. This is not a all in one camera. This is a Combo CCTV Camera Kits system. one dvr plus 4 cameras, and 4 cameras include one normal camera and one camera with PIR function and one camera with smoke detection function and one camera with siren. 2. all these functions could alarm or disalarm through our DVR. kindly notice. 3. Swan is swan, us is us. 4. check the vedio, i attached. (i try to attach, but failed, maybe will you give me your email? ) 5. Could you tell me your email? We are warmly welcome your test of our camera sytem. Or if you come to China next month, meet us at CPSE2017. Thank you.
  8. We all know that there crowed with "Swans" in Harvey Norman、 Kogan、JBHiFi Fi、 Officeworks 、 Aldi Costco. But we are just ignoring that not all "Swan" products are produced by themselves.....
  9. our life is full of ads. some good some bad...... i also hate spam......but this not spam....
  10. After finished checking your web. i found that you are coming from titathink. Am i right?
  11. Have you try with this one? Or how can you say these are crap? Crap does not become popular ..... you just waste money buying crap
  12. Aimy

    New Home - Camera System

    try swan cctv system. good one
  13. This is new to this cctv filed. but do not know whether will be popular or not