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  1. Tomislav

    Licence plate camera

    Dear All, I have Messoa SCR 515HB-HP2 LP camera but I do not have any software. What can I do? Thanks
  2. Tomislav

    keyboard issue VSP 9000p

    Hi I have a few questions and one problem. The problem is with one keyboard that I am using. In short, I have a SANYO DVR DSR 5716P with the VST 9000v keyboard installed. VST is connected thru VIDEO and TELEMETRY A port. As a setup goes, TEL A goes to DVR while VIDEO is connected to each PTZ camera. I am able to move the PTZ cameras but when I am trying to access any function for the DVR I get an error like LINE "VIDEO":BUSY/ERROR. I don't know if it helps but 4 of my cameras are down and I am planning to check them in the next few days. 2 fixed and 2 PTZ. Any suggestion regarding the error? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi Max, thanks a lot for the valuable info. I reported my problem to our network people and they removed some settings that they had on the switch. I think it has something to do with QOS but didn't get really clear answers. Also they changed the settings down to CIF, 10 fps and from MPEG4 to MJPEG and now it is ok. By ok I mean the image is there but quality not so much. I will try to put it back to max resolution, 4CIF and back to MPEG4 and I will monitor it until they change network settings, again, without letting me know Thanks for the tip to use wireshark. I used it but only briefly. It takes some time to get the grip on how it works but ones you do it makes your life much easier, especially with the problems like this.
  4. Thanks Max, I am attaching the sample below. Let me know what you think...
  5. It is 4 cif on 1 Giga network
  6. Thanks it is or it was a quite expensive but older CMOS ip camera. This issues happens during the daytime... I will try to replace is with another one to see if it is the camera issue.
  7. Dear All, I would like to get your opinion. I have two cameras that use MJPEG and MPEG4 compression. They are set to record at 1Mbps and 15fps. Now we are getting to interesting part. Sometimes when the object is moving I get the image that moves and drags other pixels around that object and as a result I get VERY poor image, useless in fact. Other object that are moving slow are ok but faster ones are with the problem. Can this be issue with the CCD chip? Because I tried to change the compression, fps and other things but still the same problem.
  8. Tomislav

    Bit rate and file size

    Dear All, I have a question. Below I did some tests for one camera and I did not realize that bit rate plays a great role in file size (up to that extent). I thought that fps and resolution is the biggest factor. My question is that why bit rate (in my case) does not affect the quality. The footage is the same. Resol. Durat. FPS Bitrate Size 704x576 1.13 15 1468 13,200 704x576 1.14 10 1468 13,586 704x576 1.50 10 979 13,465 704x576 0.27 10 3933 13,766
  9. Tomislav

    MP sensor and max recolution is 4 CIF?

    Well if you ask me they are too expensive. Of course the analytics are great to have, but if I am not able to get the resolution (identification) it is not really worth the money. Also they are really not well supported by 3rd party software, example by Milestone so I have two systems running instead of only one for all. One more thing, it support 4CIF for main window and CIF for tracking PIP window, it is not 4CIF for both windows.
  10. Tomislav

    MP sensor and max recolution is 4 CIF?

    Hi Max, it is ioicam mmp100dn
  11. Hi I would really appreciate your help regarding this. I was wondering how can a camera have Sensor - 1/2-Inch CMOS 3-Megapixel but the maximal resolution to record and view is 4CIF. Camera has also MP lens. No need to say that the picture is worse then on 420 lines analog cam (object distance is 10-12 meters) and this is after the focus setup.
  12. Tomislav

    Sensor type and night surveillance

    Thanks,i will try to get the input down. For the sensor i know the tech details but so many times it failed me when it comes to implementation.
  13. Tomislav

    limit of recorded time in vivotek cameras?

    Hi Joe. I have vivotek cameras installed and it was frustrating in the beginning but after few days I figured it out and it is a bit easier now. Well regarding the motion detection they have strange limitation of recording when a motion is detected. In the setup you have to specify to record motion again after minimum 1 sec, then it will record when detects the motion again. I have to say that in this case i am not getting all the motion that I was suppose to get. Lot of things can happen in one sec. You have to really test a lot to get what you want. I know I did. If I am missing something please let me know (anybody). It is recording directly on NAS without the software and it is fine, didn't reach the limit yet. I have 3 TB and it is good for around 2 months for my configuration.
  14. Tomislav

    Sensor type and night surveillance

    Thanks,I though that for the night it is better the smaller sensor size.
  15. Dear All, I am in the process of giving technical input regarding the ip camera types and would like to hear your opinion regarding few things. When choosing sensor type ( 1MP) which one is best for night surveillance. 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc... The cameras would be installed along the long fence. There are light pools so in my opinion I would not use IR?. The lights are not strong but sufficient. Also in the past I had cameras with 0.5 lux but the picture was really bad during the night. Which lux level should I consider and what type of additional functions should CMOS chip have. I am planning to put in progressive scan for all the cameras since it will be used to track cars. Any help is much appreciated. Tomislav