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  1. HI Guys Im having issues trying to get the MIC-550 To work on mt Pleco P controller on the RS485 Inputs - & + I Am using the genuine mic cable and also can see all the settings on the BLINX Screen saying BAUD RATE 9600 But there is no settings anywhere to change it to pelco p? and i am using the bosch mic cable White and Yellow? anyone familiar that can guide me please? PS. Using a normal 18VAC PSU And a pelco controller with the blue lcd screen chinese one! and genuine mic compo cable but having no luck!
  2. Hi 😀 Does anyone know the most likeliest cause of thhis PTZ camera Not Panning anymore after zooming in? It Tilts and Zooms still okay And you can here the motor humming inside the unit but doesnt pan after zooming in, stuck in limbo the only way to work it again is by pushing it by hand i dont want to open up the unit incase anyone knows the answer?? thanks
  3. adamfromayr

    AXIS 216FD Cameras block purple images

    does nobody know???????????
  4. Hi guys are these cameras i got from the USA Shafted? Thats me in HD sitting at my PC LOL Can it be fixed or not, hope you can help! thanks
  5. adamfromayr

    BOSCH MIC Cable type 12 core

    Hi does anyone know the product code or cable type for a BOSCH MIC See my photo only pros answer please no guesess tried google already thanks