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  1. Just standard type that came with card reader.with 10 wires in which only only wired for wiengand protocol on both card readers
  2. Hi i am brand new to the access controller system my employer has purchase to be installing at customers sites from teleco. He has purchased HACC-C602 Access Controller with 2 ds-k1104 card reader and other components. i have runned power cabling to access controler and have it working. i have cabled the two card readers to wiengad protocol into wiengand 1 and 3 ports with both power wires cables from them twisted together with power cable in the power port. i have set both card reader and access controller to the same exact dip switch settings for wiegand protocol. i have turned on access controler and it works fine with card reader booting up and blinking blue led. i use IVMS-4200 latest version to make create access controler programable and created multipe users for demo customer group. when i try to add card to user by assigning by a door which the system auto list to be entrance door 1 , exit door 2, entrance 3, and exit door 4. i get nothing even though i swip card(s) in front one or other card readers. i get swip click when i do but the Ivms-4200 software does not register the card swipe or card. i tried assigning card enrolling station to no vail either. i have read and studies both acess controller, card manual, and ivms-4200 user manuals and have no idea what i can do to get this access controler and card reader working fully and ready to be demoed for customers. please give me any help with this system.