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  1. Hello, friends i have a problem with my analog DVR. I used it for 5 years and suddenly it stop show the picture, hdd works, it have a power supply but won't show picture and wont boot when i restart it. Can anyone tell m what is the problem?
  2. Hi StanCams, I turned off the receiver for 2 days and when I turned it on, it worked for about 2 and a half days, then the receiver was restarted at once. It's plugged into LAN network I pulled out the LAN and I turned it on again. Now it works without restarting itself 12-13 hours to now. But now i can't see my cams from my mobile when i'm outside from my home
  3. Hi, i have this dvr at home. ? few days ago, the dvr started rebooting itself every 5-10 minutes. I disconnected HDD, cameras power supply but it also restarts. Can anybody tell me what can me the problem? This is the model of dvr : GA-H3808BR