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  1. paulcullingworth


    Hi tomcctv, I seen to have lost the messages you PM ed me and my response to you cannot find it in my messages. If I changed the two front cameras to the Vipers you suggested could I plug the existing Swann 818 cameras that I have at the back of the house into the Viper NVD and also the camera at the gate utilising the powerlines and would they all show on the Viper app? what would the approx cost be for two viper cameras use mentioned and the eight port NVD? Thanks
  2. paulcullingworth


    Hi tomcctv If we used the paramiters : one camera looking down the drive approx 30mtrs to the gate and a seperate camera looking accross the garden to a personel gate again 30 mtrs away (both gates are approx 25 mtrs apart ) and there is no lighting from the road side then what would the viper cameras need to be and at what cost for four number cameras and NVR ? (the other two cameras on the back of the house} Thinking about your comment re using a camera at the gate and utilising powerline could the cat5 from powerline adaptors be plugged into the cameras NVR to bring the images onto the viper app? Thanks
  3. paulcullingworth


    whats needed to sent camera info down the power line? is Viper CCTV equipment available DIY/ seems to be difficult buying decent equipment direct
  4. paulcullingworth


    Yes I can see the end of the drive and there is power to the drive gates Near York uk
  5. paulcullingworth


    Village, rural area, not much crime, colour night cameras, hardwired with cat5e, I have a drive, road to house about 30 mtrs long and I would like to install a camera near the entrance. It could be hardwired but would be easier wifi thanks
  6. paulcullingworth


    Sorry for the delay, I am in England and a buget of around £500 that could be increased for the right reason
  7. paulcullingworth


    Don’t have a budget as such what I will do is buy four cameras and a nvr that I could extend covering possible external and or internal camera I have the existing hardwired cat 5 thanks
  8. paulcullingworth


    looking for advice, I have a Swann system I installed 6/7 years ago, comprise 4 external cameras around the house and a NVR4-7400 using Cat5 cable I want to upgrade to something similar to the Swann enforcer bullet type floodlite cameras but is there a better option out there? I would also like to install a wifi camera in the house (kitchen being a central location) but would I be able to include this to the same app as external cameras? Thanks for any help
  9. paulcullingworth

    Swann NVR 47400 issue

    Please advise, I've started off with one issue and compounded it. I have a NVR 47400 with four number cameras around the house and the issue is one of the cameras isn't showing on the surveillance screen (computer) The issue is at the NVR, one of the four channel inputs is not showing any lights at the cable entry ( other three cable connections showing two lights per connection.) I have swapped cameras over and the camera and cabling is ok. I did a re-boot and now it's saying there is a login problem. The details I am using are what I have always used but cannot get past this login issue, so ; Is there a way forward with login? and when the lights are out on the effected camera channel to NVR. is it terminal? Thanks for any assistance with this compounded problem
  10. I have four Swann 818 bullet cameras connected to the 7400NVR (poe) and initially I could get the camera images via Swannlink app to the desktop computer and iphone / ipad now I can only get it to the desktop, the iphone gives "login failed" message. It isn't a login issue (proved that with desktop) I have re-installed the app, no change I am not aware of any software update that could be the cause Any thoughts on where I go next with this problem?