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  1. I'm having an issue trying to tune some outdoor cameras... I get a large amount of false positives, triggering recording with almost no objects. The outdoor cameras are monitoring a parking lot. I have a combination of 2 and 4MP cameras Geovision GV-VMS (Latest Version) I've masked off areas that could trigger false positives Configured noise tolerance to highest level (3) Configured Ignore environmental changes With the sensitivity option, I cant seem to find a right setting. I'm getting OK results at around 7, but for example I have one camera that misses cars traveling by at a slow rate, yet its picking up a garbage can liner blowing in the wind. I'm not even sure the sensitivity options, or the mask options actually work; it seems like they do little if anything. Minimum duration setting helps but then it starts to miss events (assuming it cant process it fast enough to grab cars). The VMS has plenty of horsepower (CPU runs at around 40%) Any suggestions or thoughts?
  2. How does everyone handle time, specifically on geovision cameras? Running the geovision NVR, the system grabs its time from the local windows time. This time is pulled from our NTP server, however windows automatically adjusts for DST. The cameras, can be configured to use NTP, however their DST setting is static, you enter a start and stop date; however DST dates change each year. I wish the geo cameras could just pull their time from the NVR, but it seems this is not possible; do you just ignore DST on the system altogether? Any other workarounds?