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  1. tadakan

    residentail camera position help/suggestions

    That's totally fair. Would you, or anyone else, be able to point me towards the type of information you need to make suggestions? This is my first attempt at designing a camera system. I had reasons for each of the camera positions, but I didn't want to overload people by outlining each position in detail. Maybe that's what I should do? Or maybe you need pictures of the outside of the house and what each position would be looking at? Basically I was trying to cover entrances or the approaches to entrances with each camera. So, for example, 8 covers the approach to the back door. 9 covers the windows on that wall of the house. Same idea for the rest. They are either covering a group of windows or a path that someone would have to take to access a part of my house/yard. I appreciate the comment. It seems like people aren't super willing to dive in to analyzing these posts.
  2. Hello All, I'm looking for some feedback on exterior camera positioning. I have a small 3 bedroom house in a neighborhood that's been seeing more thefts and minor B&E lately. I want to install cameras to cover most of the exterior to use to provide to the police in the event of someone breaking in or stealing packages off my porch(this happened a few months ago), etc. I have four HIKVISION DS-2CD2042WD-I cameras and I would want any additional cameras to be wired POE devices unless there's a really good reason to use something that's not. I'll be recording to my home server as well as using home automation software to trigger notifications. The pattern that I've used to mark the camera placements is based on the ~80deg angle of the hikvision devices so I've I swapped some of them for 180deg fisheyes placement might change significantly. I've numbered my tentative camera placements from 1 to 10 starting in the upper left corner of the site plan and going clockwise. Cameras 3-7 would be mounted to a tall carport that is not shown in the drawing but you can get the idea based on the placement of the cameras. Cameras 1 and 2 would be placed under the porch roof and catch anyone walking up onto the porch or to the front door. The front door is directly opposite the steps on the north side near camera 2. Camera 8 covers the back door. Other cameras are placed to cover windows or the driveway/access to the shop. I may eventually want to put some additional cameras on the shop as I have quite a few tools that are stored in there and there are two windows that are not currently covered. Any suggestions or feedback are greatly appreciated.