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  1. I have another question. I know that 4K is better than 1080P however I found a camera that fits my needs except it is only 1080P The distance I am looking at is 20 feet or less for this camera and I am wondering if I would notice a difference for this short distance using 1080P and not something with a higher resolution
  2. I am looking for two maybe three outdoor cameras with the following wish list: 1. Outdoor and able to withstand temperatures of -30 C 2. Better than 1080p picture quality 3. Two way audio ability 4. Nice if it could work with Google Nest Hub but not necessary I need wifi as I am not able to run any type of cabling for this project thank-you
  3. DINOP


    It is for my mom so I kind of don't have a budget. I assumed the old type BNC type camera's may best to run to a local monitor. With that option I would install them only on the house as the garage is too far back to run cable and attempt to hide it properly. Again any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated
  4. Hi everyone. I am looking to set up a front door camera for my mom at her house and if possible a second camera on the detached garage. I need something easy to install and a camera system that does not use the internet to do its magic. I am hoping there is a system that can display the video on a monitor or even tv. Two way audio would be great but not necessary. Any thoughts on a system setup thank-you Dino