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  1. hikpartner

    Hikvision vendor

    Thanks for your reply. You don't see it because I use PM more. USA is a free country. It's fine you don't trust me. I do respect your opinion. Like I mentioned, I just want to help everyone here save some money.
  2. hikpartner

    Hikvision vendor

    Because it's my personal Email. I am not allowed to use my work mail address posting ads here. What I want just to help everything one here to get what they need with best price. If have a chance to go further, I will use my work phone and mail address to do the business.
  3. hikpartner

    Hikvision vendor

    I work for Hikvision USA. I can help you to get Hikvision products with the best price. The combo kit I am pretty sure that the price i get is the lowest. My email is a0230877@yahoo.com, feel free to contact me anytime. Catalog: http://www.hikvision.com/us/download_86.html