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  1. thestizz


    Yes, you are correct you are totally allowed to speak your mind. It’s a little disappointing that the only peace of info you managed to pluck from the huge vacuum between your ears was to dis someone’s old little DVR they was asking a basic question about. However, everyone to their own. Anyway thank you for your valuable input and I wish you good luck finding your marbles.
  2. thestizz


    Hi and thank you very much for the advice. I guessed its prob a very old unit. The one I have is a CnM(secure) that I only paid a few quid for and I had same issue with that but I found an eBay seller to remote reset password for me for £10. That’s been an ok little box for a couple of years but it’s not recording n keeps turning itself off etc. so my mate gave me this one I’m trying to sort password for. I will buy one of the new hybrid ones after Christmas I just wanted to use this old one as a temp until then. Thanks again I appreciate the help. illl check out the link you sent and post back here if I get it sorted. Cheers
  3. thestizz


    Nice to meet the village idiot but does anyone have any real advice how to solve the issue? Cheers..
  4. thestizz


    Hi, Im really stuck here. My DVR at home has been having issue so a mate just gave me one he use to have in his show. Ive installed it but its asking for a password. My mate doesnt remember it ever having a password. This is the unit Ive tried all the normal default ones I can think of. The model is DVR8108AV any help would be much appreciated
  5. thestizz


    Hi, Im new here. I do quite a lot of stuff from PC repair etc to CCTV installs. Thanks for having me