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  1. Hi. Years ago, the wife bought my children some cheap computers on Black Friday. I had to replace them with something good so they could do school work, etc. I had these cheap computers in my shop and decided to start playing around. I bought a couple of GW Security POE cameras and one of their POE switches. I ran their software and it worked ok for a couple of years. Now the cheap computer crapped out. So, I was wanting to up the game. Get a good computer to fit these cameras. Maybe add a camera. I heard that you could get a good deal on a used computer that had an i7 with quicksync. Get one of those and add a special HDD made for NVR work. Any ideas where to get these? Would this be the way to go, or should I put one together from scratch. I would like to get something that is going to last, but I would like it to be cost effective.
  2. I was wanting to get a doorbell camera. Then I decided to leave that alone and get a camera with a speaker and mic to post at my door. Do you guys have any recommendations of a good camera for this. Like a Ring Floodlight Cam that works with Blue Iris. Oh, would you think I would need a facial recognition cam for this? Thanks
  3. Hi, I live out in the woods. The street my inlaws live on have had recent armed home invasions. I would like to install a security system for them to give them some piece of mind. I have been combing over this forum and the information is massive and my knowledge limited. Through my reading, I have learned that a NVR is better and more cost effective than using a computer. That being said, which brand of NVR would offer the most value? I think it would be more cost effective to buy the NVR and with a couple of good cameras, then add cameras as my budget allows. Max cameras I would need is 8. So...which brand would be the most cost effective. That performs well. Provides, possibly, a free cloud service. And provides good mobile apps? What would you buy? Then I guess I would integrate their cameras in with it. Right?
  4. EZFrag

    general cms software?

    Although they are wifi, would they also have a port for a cable hook up. If you can't get the wifi thing working might look into wiring. Also, before using range extenders, what type of wireless router are you using and what range does it have? You might change the channel on the router, might make it's range further.