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  1. PaulSCR

    Password reset

    I don't know this DVR Brand but normally, you can try pressing the reset key of DVR's mainboard for 10 seconds. If everything goes fine, you will hear a sound of buzzer. Then you can reset your password of your DVR. I hope it could help you solve your problem.
  2. What do you consider as too big? I mean there isn't a big size difference from some PTZ cameras to non-PTZ. You can have a look at these PTZ cameras - Otherwise, there is the GW Professional 1200 which is equipped with a 2.8~12mm Varifocal Lens.
  3. PaulSCR

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome on CCTV Forum. Hope you'll find great new myths ahah
  4. PaulSCR

    Safety and surveillance

    What do you mean by "mass surveillance"? I think everyone has a different conception about security. Some may feel completely secure in a situation when others won't. For exemple, people that owns a dog won't think about installing a security camera system when some others will need the total installation plus several dogs^^. Be safe also depends on where you live and will impact on how much you should invest in order to be secured.
  5. PaulSCR

    New to this Forum

    Hello KEVR and welcome, I'm sure you will find plenty of information on cctvforum
  6. PaulSCR

    Would appreciate someones help

    Hello, Did you find a solution to your problem? If yes it could be worth sharing if someone else is having the same issue. Otherwise, could you give a little more details? Like "the toss" said are the channels on which you connected to cameras enabled?
  7. PaulSCR

    My name is Paul

    Hello everyone, I've recently joined CCTV forum in order to provide help to anyone interested in security camera systems. I've been working in the security camera business for some years now and hope I'll be able to answer your questions.