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  1. Jules1974


    Hi All Long story short bought this POE DVR for a job in 2017 from Techage, they now refuse to support it advising that it is not their DVR!. Even though they supplied it with their branded cameras. The DVR powers and works fine, but all of the cams drop out and come back, i have a spare cam and i took the unit away and it does it with any camera i install. I tried powering a camera up by 12v thinking the PSU may be the problem but the camera drops regardless of how its powered by ethernet or 12v. Aevision also sell this unit but has the prefix AE- before my model name. Any ideas would be great as i have replaced the unit now with a cheaper model as i needed to get the customer back up but i dont want to scrap this DVR as it was the most expensive one i have ever purchased. Cheers Julian
  2. Hi I have a friend who has forgotten his password on this system, the company appears to have gone bust as all of their email addresses bounce back but the parent website still exists. I am after factory resetting or resetting the admin password somehow. I noticed that telnet is enabled on the device so if i can get root access im pretty sure i will be onto a winner. Anyone had any experience with Blupont stuff before, it has no buttons on the dvr itself but comes with a mouse and remote control. I found a forum entry that says hold any button down after a power cycle and i should hear beeps but this does not work with this model. Any help would be great. Cheers Julian