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    Hi all..happy to be here . Thanks for letting me join this forum
  2. You can install a Hikvision, Dahua system...this systems also have the possibility to add a pir motion sensor.This are the type of systems I work with but i dont know what country you live in ,and what types of systems you have there,so basically you just need a system powered at 12 v
  3. johntudor

    Installing 2 HD Cams in a Bus.

    you have 2 ways to do it in both ways you will need to install a box in wich to put the DVR with the rest of equipment i'd recommand the DVR to have a SSD hard because is rezintent to shocks 1- put an invertor in the bus lighter and from invertor you connect the DVR and the cameras 2-it is possible without an invertor if the bus battery gives the same power as the equipment you will install ,but in this case you can power only a DVR monitor ,12 V monitor I installed HIKVISION system on tractors using an invertor connected straight to the battery,i also connected a wifi router too for live streaming on the customer's phone tomorrow i can put some pics maybe will help more ,english is not my first language so i just hope you can understand from my explainings