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  1. abrogard

    Lost My Camera's IP - Help?

    I haven't revisited that problem in a long time. For the last year or so its just been working away plugged into the NVR. I'm just about to look at the whole thing again because I think I heard that PSS now allows remote viewing of what's hooked to your NVR? So yes, I've used Wireshark with some success but I learned it doesn't always work. Can't remember why. The NVR certainly does give a new IP. I knew that. But I expected it to keep it and me to be able to find it because I know it (the IP). But I couldn't. When we say the NVR gives an IP do we mean the NVR or the router it is plugged into? How does traffic directed to the router find its way to the individual cameras plugged into the NVR? A NAT on the NVR?
  2. abrogard

    Lost My Camera's IP - Help?

    yep, thanks. tried dahua's config tool and their smart pss and contacam and blue iris.... and the router list of attached devices... nothing...
  3. My (dahua) IP cam was working fine. POE via 4 port POE switch to the router. Then I unplugged it from the switch and plugged it into a NVR for a while. Then I unplugged it from there and plugged it back into the switch. And found it was gone. Can't find it in contacam or Blue Iris or from a web browser. That IP no longer exists, it seems. The router perhaps can see it - there is an ethernet device listed as connected but it has no further information for me - no IP of course. But i think that's probably it. I am surprised. I thought the IP was fixed in these cameras once you've set them up. Apparently not. What can I do to sort this out?
  4. Hi, thanks for the response. I wasn't very clear. I have it running okay and I've had it displaying video. The problem is that it is not displaying it right now. I don't know why. And would like to trouble shoot the issue. I'd think it's a camera fault. To tell the truth I don't really know how I get Plugin working. I just blunder around through my browsers: firefox, opera, chrome, edge - inputting the address of the camera until it shows up. on the 'bad' ones the camera shows up with a page asking me to download the plugin. on the good one the plugin pops up. and once it's running it seems to detach itself from the browser, no indication where it came from... very weird.
  5. My camera is a Dahua IPC HFW5432EP-Z and my problem right now is that when connecting with it via this 'Web Service' thing that only runs on Edge or whatever - I get no video. Is that something these forums can help me with or should I go away because it is not a CCTV?