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    Hello! Newbie looking for training...

    Thanks, I was subscribed already!
  2. Hi, I'm new here and I never installed a cam only installed a drop ip cam at home! I am pretty handy & fast learner and would like to start installing surveillance cam, but would like to have some generic basic training in Florida or online. I've seen a few websites, but not sure if there legit or up to date! Major concern is the physical installation as electrical/fishing cables & design best practices. I checked Florida's license and I only see licenses for alarm installation. I would really appreciate some guidance in training/ basic equipment/ Tips for starting as a long term career! Many thxs! Paul
  3. Hey there I'm from Florida & want to start installing surveillance cameras residential and small businesses, I have no experience, but I'm handy and a fast learner...I don't know where to get some generic training I am mostly concerned about the physical part as wiring/electrical/ fishing cables & design...Would I need a license? I went to Florida's website and doesn't say anything, just for security alarms... Thanks to all! Cheers.