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  1. Alloneword

    Not the usual CCTV system needed

    So distance to the bike as the crow flies is about 15-18m and here is an image of the bike and my bathroom window I have ruled out the dog i thought it was as SHE squats, it's looking more and more like foxes, i have been reading up on them and they do scent mark and best way round it from what i have read it human pee so looks like i may have to pee over my own bike. All1
  2. Alloneword

    Not the usual CCTV system needed

    I live in a flat on the first floor i'll take a pic on Monday and post it here so folks know a bit more. All1
  3. Alloneword

    Not the usual CCTV system needed

    Tanks for the links jimmyv2017 but i live in the uk so Walmart is no good for me All1
  4. Alloneword

    Not the usual CCTV system needed

    Thanks for that mattaggie having a quick nose at it they sem to do the job, i just need to work out the exact distance between my bathroom window and the bike which i will do in the morning so many thx for the suggestion and the link. All1
  5. So my situation is as follows I need some kind of waterproof (it will be housed outside) camera that has night vision and records to an SD card/cards. I will need to place the camera on my bathrooms window ledge to keep an eye on my motorcycle for 2 reasons some local residents let their kids run riot and i want proof they play round the bike, and secondly some kind of animal (well i presume animal) is p1ssing up my bike cover and making it stink, so once i can ID the animal then i can work out how to deal with them later. My windows in the bathroom are the cheap plastic framed double glazing and landlord won't let me drill through them or the wall itself so have no idea how i'm going to run power to it, if it was very thin wire then i could draw the window closed to some degree but it would have to be very thin power cable, there is no plug socket in the bathroom but i can get round that by either shaver socket or hack into the mains for the water pump, thoughts on supplying power? Also on the data side I can't run POE either as cable would be too think for window plus cable would be running everywhere and Mrs will have my bits for dinner so come to the idea of an sd card and i could just whip it out every couple of days and move data to the PC, i know it's not ideal but i'm not in an ideal situation. I have heard of IP cameras and from my understanding they work on a wireless basis and transmit the data signal to the router and then stores it on the computers hard drive, i have to admit i know nothing about ip configuration or anything on those lines so it would have to be noob friendly. Budget is open ended but like most of us the less i can spend the better Image quality is important to me as well, no point in having a system and the image quality is rubbish, I'm in the UK for my sins so 240v is our system over here, oh yea distance from bike to bathroom window is about 20 feet. I hope i have given as much info as you need but if you need anything else from me just let me know. All1
  6. Morning all, just making 1st post and saying hi, i'm after some kind of camera but not to sure if it's a full blown CCTV operation i need, but i'll have a read here first and see the best place to post with my question. All1