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  1. Hello, I am a newbie here and live in Orlando, I also face the exact same issue in my HD Security Cameras and try these fixes to resolve my issue. I hope these tips will help you also: Clean your camera lens with a soft and clean cloth. Do some adjustment in zoom and focus setting. Also, adjust brightness settings.
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    Thermal camera

    Here I sharing some Lorex Thermal Camera Models. You can choose one of them according to your own choice. FLIR TCX Mini Bullet Thermal Security Camera with PTZ Camera (2-pack)- TCX50PTZBW-2PK FLIR TCX Mini Bullet Thermal Security Camera with PTZ Camera- TCX50PTZBW FLIR TCX Mini Bullet Thermal Security Camera (50° Field of View) 2-pack- T4350BNBW-2PK You can search more models on the official Lorex website. But for better user experience, you can take advice either from professional security camera providers or normal CCTV Installation Companies- http://wettersolutions.com/surveillance-kit/ because they know much better than normal folks
  3. Hello... I suggest you take advice from any security camera professional person. If you live in Orlando, Florida area then consult with Wetter Solutions, they deal in various security camera brands and offer CCTV installation service in Orlando, they will assist you best and give you best opinion that suits both your budget and home security needs.
  4. Hello Folks! As we know, in today's world security cameras become the necessity of every person because crime cases and larceny increases day by day. People install various security equipment in their homes, stores, business areas to monitor them every time. But think for one minute, which kind of surveillance system you should choose for your business areas? Today I will share some tips that experts suggest before making a final choice for business security cameras: * Firstly choose the security camera comes within your business or personal pocket budget. * Always select the camera that is capable of monitoring both inside and outside of the workplace. In industrial sectors, it must choose a robust video surveillance the solution which can operate easily in harsh environments and where there may be a high level of vibration. * Choose the security camera which can cover maximum area of your workplace. Note: The size of the area you want to monitor will determine the resolution you need. *In workplace areas, many times we need evidence of particular moment, which also needs audio of that event, therefore choose the surveillance system which is capable of recording both audio and video in HD quality * Mostly in business sectors, we have to go outside of town or city and that time we need monitoring of the entire office and employees. This can be only done by mobile connectivity. Thus, select cameras which can also access with your mobile phones. With some specific mobile applications, you can connect security cameras to your mobile devices by which you can monitoring report of every moment. I hope all these points will help you and give you desired monitoring and security results that you want. Also, choosing a security camera brand is one of the major factors. Before choosing any brand to check out all working capabilities of their security products then make any final decisions. Currently, I am also using the HD security camera in my store which is in Orlando. If you have any other suggestion on choosing security cameras you can also share.
  5. Company not even 12 months old ...... and already targeting forums to spam So you buy from Costco then sell on or install is it not cheaper for people to buy direct from Costco It doesn't matter how old company is. The important thing is the quality of service they provide. If you have any doubt then visit on their website check reviews of their clients. I also shop HD security camera in Orlando from Wetter Solutions and it gives me desired results.
  6. Hello Folks! Here I am going to share some smart tricks by which you can choose a perfect Home security solution that suits your need. I hope, after reading my post it will easy for you to decide and distinguish which kind of security camera is suitable for your residential area and commercial area respectively. Following are some points that you must make sure in your mind while purchasing any security camera or surveillance equipment for your home. * If you are living in the rental house then you should choose wireless security system because when you want to shift any another house, then you can easily take it with you. * Always choose CCTV which have mobile access.Today, most of the security systems have the ability to connect with Phones, through which you can monitor the indoor and outdoor of your home easily even if you are outside of your town or city. There are some dedicated mobile software and applications by which establish the connection between your security cameras and mobile devices. * Another thing you should keep in your mind is audio supported systems. Purchase the camera system which has the ability to record both audio and video. With this feature, you able to hear the voice of individuals under surveillance area, which help you to monitor your complete home more effectively. At last, if you still are confused while choosing security cameras then you can ask me more or if you live in Orlando then I suggest you consult with Wetter Solutions because they deal in various security cameras brands, they will assist you and help you in choosing best surveillance system for your home.