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  1. Riogrande is right. If you need v3 because of mods or other reasons go for the latest. It's v3.10 (2017) or v3.12 (2018)
  2. You cannot mod and never brick a running system ;) I am also running v3.1 :)
  3. Hi Shefalick, Changing the ringtones is possible with fireware up to version 3. You need to unpack and repack the fireware as discribed in the beginning of this thread. Starting with firmware version 4 unpacking is not possible anymore, so changing the ringtones is also not possible anymore. Not sure, but I guess it is the same here as for question 1
  4. I use sip.conf and extension.conf from gerdshi extension.conf [general] static=yes writeprotect=no [ausgehend] exten => _9901,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=VTO2000A) exten => _9901,n,Dial(Local/alle@tfe-zuhause,50,w) exten => _8001,1,Dial(SIP/8001,50,w) [tfe-zuhause] exten => alle,1,Ringing() exten => alle,n,Dial(SIP/9902,50,w) [default] include => ausgehend sip.conf [general] language=de bindport = 5060 bindaddr = srvlookup=yes directmedia=yes videosupport=yes [8001] host=dynamic username=VTO2000A ;it is important that in VTO as RELAM are set asterisk! type=friend secret=xxxx context=ausgehend canreinvite=yes qualify=yes disallow=all allow=ulaw allow=h264 [9902] type=friend username=9902 secret=xxxx context=ausgehend dtmfmode=rfc2833 host=dynamic canreinvite=yes qualify=yes allow=ulaw allow=h264 Debug Log is attached. Any hint would be cool debug_log.txt
  5. Hi all, I know this is an old question, but could someone please confirm that VTO(FW v3) and VTH (FW v3) works fine with audio and video if using asterisk in between ? I used sip.conf and extension.conf from gerdshi on page 1 and tried a lot of other things but I still cannot get a video connection when accepting a call from VTO - VTH(v3) -> asterisk(v15) -> VTO(v3) -> fine with audio and video - VTO(v3) -> asterisk(v15) -> VTH(v3) -> I can see video BEFORE accepting the call, but as soons as I accept the call video disappears and does not come back (as described by gerdshi) Somebody has this simple setup running fine? Thanks
  6. Jama and Riogrande have v4 installed on VTH (as far as I know). Would be a mass if SIP settings cannot be entered in the SIP version @Rio_Grande, @jamat65: Any comments on that?
  7. As far as I can remember it calls the "Centre Control Number" number
  8. I use AntiSIP. This works well on Andriod. I registered all my mobiles on asterisk. I guess fritzbox is not able to forward H264 RTP calls.
  9. Setting all devices to dtmfmode=info in your sip.conf should help.
  10. @Allodo: My final challenge: How to switch on the f... background light??? I have a VTO with fingerprint module, so background light is switched off all the time. It is switched on after you pressed the doorbell botton But how to find the right one in the dark without light Any ideas?
  11. I forgot to answer that I haven't tested this yet. But all files included in the "Sounds" folder will be displayed in the VTH for selection. I guess the only thing is that the size of all files in the partition (including new sound files) must not exceed the partition size which is currently about 420K of 1200K. I added two new sounds. So currently I have 580K partition size.
  12. @Allodo There are 2 options. Either you take an old (non-sip) firmware which includes multilanguage or you use one of the "Config" firmwares which Dahua provides on the firmware website. In both cases you extract the firmware/Config the same way and copy the included language (txt) files to your mod firmware. In addition you have to adapt "i18n" and "ProductInfo" file in your mod firmware (data-x and custom-x partition) to accept the new files. Where is a good place to upload? Yes, you are right. I guess there is not chance as long as we cannot decompile sonia file But asterisk is also necessary if you want to include other devices and automate actions. I use asterisk in my current scenario with: - VTO - VTH - Fritzbox with Fritzphones - Asterisk - Homeautomation (Outdoor Lights, etc) - Mobile Phones - Snapshots All devices with sound and Picture/Video and door unlock functionality
  13. Heureka I flashed my VTH with my own firmware mod including SIP, new ring tones and multilanguage (eng, deu) based on the current SIP Eng firmware 04.2017 I found the magic tip for the sound files in another forum: You need to convert your sound file to a raw headerless format, signed 16bit PCM, 16KHz sampling frequency mono channel. You can do this in Audacity by selecting export audio and choosing other uncompressed files then RAW.
  14. @Allodo: Yes, very good news. I had the same issue with the PCM files. I will play around with the PCM files today. Let's see if I can find the magic